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The Thing

Appearing in "The New Dark Avengers versus Skaar, Son of Hulk"

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  • New Avengers' Minicarrier
  • H.A.M.M.E.R. Airship (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for "The New Dark Avengers versus Skaar, Son of Hulk"

A flashback scene reveals that Skaar, after Norman Osborn first contacted him about joining the Dark Avengers, called Captain America and asked what to do next. Present day: Skaar effortlessly dispatches the Dark Avengers and destroys their ship before intimidating an AIM guard to lead him to the imprisoned Steve Rogers.

The Dark Avengers are just starting to recover when the New Avengers arrive, summoned by Skaar. The second battle goes just as badly for them: the only fights which look close are between Iron Fist and Gorgon, who is only defeated after Daredevil attacks him while he is distracted, and Spider-Man and Ai Apaec, now reverted into his original form. The spider god eventually goes down thanks to a sudden appearance by Cap's shield. As for the others, Doctor Strange traps Toxie Doxie in the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, Mockingbird knocks Trickshot out with her newfound powers, and Ms. Marvel beats up Superia so relentlessly, she does not stop even after her opponent is out of the picture.

Now freed, Captain America exchanges salutes with Victoria Hand and introduces Skaar. He tells them the Dark Avengers are going to prison, and that they need to confront Osborn next.

Elsewhere, Luke Cage breaks into Jessica Jones' Alias office. He finds it set up for business, complete with a picture of Jessica, Danny, and himself in happier times.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Shocking Conclusion To The Dark Avengers Saga!
• Will One Of The Dark Avengers Become A New Avenger?!
• …And Will There Be A Shocking Fatality In The Avengers Battle Of The Year?!!


  • In this issue Captain America mentions on meeting up with the main Avengers Team in dealing with Norman Osborn. This event is shown in Avengers (Vol. 4) #24.


takes place during Avengers Vol. 4 #24

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