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Red Hulk

Appearing in "AvX!"

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  • Phoenix Force (Appears on a computer screen, TV, or hologram only)

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Synopsis for "AvX!"

Jessica Jones quickly returns to Avengers Mansion with her little baby after going into hiding because of death threats made by Norman Osborn. Jessica tells her husband Luke Cage that she no longer feels that the mansion is safe for their daughter and asks him to leave with her but Luke retorts that they will not be safe anywhere. The argument is interrupted by the arrival of Captain America who explains the impending threat of the Phoenix and war with X-Men. Jessica then leaves the mansion while Luke heads off to Utopia with the Avengers to confront the X-Men.

Solicit Synopsis

• AvX Tie-In!

• The New Avengers Have Received The Call To Duty By Captain America To Go To War Against The X-Men.

• Wolverine Will Be Forced To Choose A Side.

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