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Quote1.png It--It's true. I am the Phoenix. Quote2.png
Hope Summers

Appearing in "A Phoenix Rises In K'un Lun"

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Synopsis for "A Phoenix Rises In K'un Lun"

Long ago, the Phoenix Force is rapidly approaching Earth. The master Yu-Ti encourages Fongji to use the power of the Iron Fist to engage the fiery bird. But he tells her that he saw two possibilities in his dream: either she perfectly merges with the Phoenix or becomes corrupted by it.

Fongji focuses the power of the Iron Fist, successfully merging with the Phoenix. Possessing its power, she learns of other worlds in the cosmos. She then declares she must leave, stating that Earth is not ready. Leonardo da Vinci asks if she'll come back. She answers, "There are two paths." and flies off into space.

All these events from long ago have been told by Iron Fist/Danny Rand to Hope Summers. Hope has been brought to K'un Lun for her own protection and to train for the final battle. Yu-Ti then appears before her. Hope asks if she's to become the Iron Fist like Fongji. Though Rand points out there can be only one Iron Fist, Yu-Ti suggests it may be a possibility.

As night falls, Yu-Ti brings Hope to the Scrying Vessel of Bo-Ling like Fongji before her and encourages her to meditate. Hope does so. A single drop of water rises from the pool. But Hope peeks, causing it to fall back in and Yu-Ti glares at her. She tries again. The drop expands in diameter, showing images of the Phoenix and a cosmic spider. Yu-Ti sees that she is to be trained by the Spider.

Spider-Man is instructed to train Hope on everything he knows. Spidey deflects some of this shock with blunt humor. He starts off with his motto, "With great power comes great responsibility." He explains to her how his carelessness got his Uncle Ben killed because he refused to stop a burglar. From that moment on, he vowed to use his powers more responsibly, which he believes defines him. As he walks off, Hope chases after him, asking if Ben said anything else and if she should get a new costume.

Solicit Synopsis

• Hope Summers journeys to the magical city of K’un L’un, home of the Iron Fist, to uncover her destiny!

• But will she conquer her future… or be consumed by it?


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