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Quote1.png Of course, Captain... We're brothers. Quote2.png
-- Namor

Appearing in "The Illuminati Return!"

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Synopsis for "The Illuminati Return!"

It's the Battle of Anzio, January 22, 1944. The Invaders are pushing back against the Red Skull, specifically to demolish a robotic monstrosity he created. Namor brings the robot slamming down on the Skull, sending his troops into retreat. As Namor helps him up, Captain America thanks him. Namor states that they're brothers after all.

In the present, Cap has convened the Illuminati, hoping to convince Namor to end the dispute between the Avengers and X-Men. Iron Man and Doctor Strange arrive, believing that Namor won't come. As Professor Xavier enters, Iron Man makes a joke about his students. Xavier can clearly see from their minds that they are unconsciously blaming him for this mess, so he rashly suggests that they use the Infinity Gems to make the Phoenix disappear. Mr. Fantastic then appears, advising against it, for it'd only make things worse.

Iron Man then asks Xavier if he could convince Cyclops to stand down. The X-Men founder states that his own students, whom he taught to protect the innocent, are turning against his principles because of the Phoenix. Though he's willing to do whatever it takes to end this conflict, deep down he wants Cyclops to come to his senses and remember his teachings. Xavier then storms out.

Cap then asks Mr. Fantastic his opinion on the Phoenix. Mr. Fantastic points out that the Phoenix Five have done nothing but use their power to help the world. Cap remains firm in his belief that they cannot control it but Mr. Fantastic points out that the evidence speaks for itself. He asks all assembled if they are afraid that the Phoenix Five will lose control or that the world will be a better place without need for the Avengers. He also adds that the Phoenix may be tamed because of Iron Man's Phoenix-Killer armor. He then gets up to leave, stating that if things go south, then Cap has a point. Iron Man asks him if he's willing to accept that the world is changing this unnaturally. Mr. Fantastic confesses that he doesn't know what is natural anymore, perhaps he never knew. Yet he's ready for humanity to take the next step.

Strange and Iron Man decide leaves also, certain that Namor won't come. As Strange teleports away, Cap tells Iron Man that he ran the numbers in his head and it is clear to him that the Avengers will lose to the X-Men, so Namor is their best shot. Iron Man doesn't share his confidence and walks out.

Namor soon shows up, glad to see that this is not a trap. Cap attempts to convince him to end this war, asking him as a friend, Avenger and Invader. Namor responds that the world is changing for the better and because Cap is desiring to maintain the status quo, he wonders what his friend has been fighting for. Cap states that he's fighting against people who think themselves the superior race. Eyes then look to Cap's shield and Namor notes that he should have a trap ready. Cap insists he would never to that to a brother in arms. Namor agrees and states that it is out of respect for their friendship that he came alone, did not betray the trust of the Illuminati, not going to take him prisoner or harm him. He then remarks that they'd be more fond of those days of WWII. Cap is soon left alone in the room.

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• They gather to stop the horrors of the Marvel universe before they happen…

…but the secret group known as the Illuminati failed to stop the Phoenix time and time again.

• They come together one last time… but will it be enough?

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