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Quote1.png I challenge you, Daniel. In front of the Avengers, in front of the world. Sorcerer to sorcerer, I challenge you! To the death! Quote2.png
Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)

Appearing in "War Drumm!"

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Synopsis for "War Drumm!"

Captain Marvel guides Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and their infant daughter down an escape tunnel which will get them safely away from Avengers Mansion. She turns back, and Luke also seems to consider staying behind.

In New Orleans, Maria Hill and her three S.H.I.E.L.D. agents hold Doctor Strange at gunpoint. He is struggling to do several things at once -- convince Hill that a malevolent spirit is after him, find out how she got there so fast, and figure out which of them Daniel is possessing. Her responses make it clear that she is reluctant to believe Daniel Drumm is back from the grave just to torment him, and that she thinks Strange might be a murderer, insane, or both.

Back at the chaos that is Avengers Mansion, Mockingbird tries to break the stand-off, getting as close as Maria Hill -- the real one. The Hill in New Orleans is a Life Model Decoy, which proves to be fortunate when one of the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, possessed by Daniel, abruptly shoots her in the head. Hill speaks to Strange remotely, through the decoy, telling him that she believes him now, but he refuses to come in because Daniel could be possessing any one of them. She replies that she's already called the Avengers in -- and even as Strange cries that it's the worst thing she could have done, they arrive.

Inside the mansion, Spider-Man and Daredevil discuss whether they should leave the scene. The Thing suddenly throws both of them through a wall, starting a chain reaction of Avenger-on-Avenger violence as Daniel surfs from one body to another.

Doctor Strange teleports into the midst of the fight and throws down a challenge -- a sorcerer's duel between himself and Daniel Drumm: to the death!

Solicit Synopsis


• A Sorcerer Supreme ascends!

• Who will be the new master of marvel magic?

• And what sacrifice will they have to make to achieve such power? An explosive end chapter to one of Marvel’s longest running stories!

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