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  • Wong (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for 1st story

Years ago, Rasputin hires the Hand to assassinate Doctor Strange and take the Eye of Agamotto. When the Hand question who this Agamotto is, Rasputin admits that he doesn't know. It is then that Wong, Strange's manservant, comes out of nowhere, explaining that Agamotto is one of the three Vishanti and rumored to be the first Sorcerer Supreme. Furthermore, he informs them that they cannot possess the Eye. Everyone quickly holds swords and guns to him, as Rasputin sputters that they now have a hostage to barter with. Then suddenly, Strange comes out of the shadows and joins Wong in battle.

In the present, Daniel Drumm is wandering the mysterious dimension, unsure of where he is, and wondering how to tell his brother of it. He somehow manages to reach out to his brother Doctor Voodoo briefly, as Voodoo is berating himself over what they are dealing with.

Back in New York City, Hawkeye pulls himself out from under an overturned taxi. As he reunites with his teammates on the New Avengers, he gets a priority emergency call from the main Avengers team, forcing him to leave; Spider-Man asks why didn't he get a call too, as he is suppose to be on that team too; Ms. Marvel points out that if he had a communicator, then he would know. They then bring the discussion about whom the Eye of Agamotto belongs to inside Avengers Mansion. Strange finds it too illogical for the Ancient One, whom he thought dead, would appear to Iron Fist and claim that the Eye doesn't belong on Earth. As they try figuring out who may be after it, Spider-Man offhandedly suggests that perhaps Agamotto himself wants it back. It then dawns on Strange and Hellstrom and realize that it is Agamotto behind all of this.

Then, out of nowhere, Agamotto, in the form of a tiger, then the Ancient One, appears, demanding the Eye. When Strange refuses, Agamotto reveals that the Vishanti are no more, as he possesses everyone around him to attack Strange. Only the timely arrival of Voodoo exorcises Agamotto from his hosts. Strange gives him the Eye, at which Voodoo challenges Agamotto to a duel to the finish. When Strange and Hellstrom respectively say that they don't even know where Agamotto resides and if he's even a match for him, Strange answers that his brief contact with Daniel has shown him which dimension Agamotto is located. As for combating the first Sorcerer Supreme, Voodoo suggests that he combine the collective powers of everyone around him into a vessel and take the fight to Agamotto. Wolverine volunteers to be the vessel, with Voodoo being his guide. Voodoo then begins the ritual, as his astral form enters Wolverine's body. Once the spell is complete, Wolverine stands ready, with the symbols of both Hellstrom and Iron Fist embedded on his chest.

Solicit Synopsis

With everything on the line, Wolverine volunteers to make the ultimate sacrifice to save our dimension. Magic is being reinvented in the Marvel Universe and it is happening here!! Plus: another chapter in the oral history of the Avengers!


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