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Quote1.png When I dedicated my life in service to you as Sorcerer Supreme...I remember I closed my eyes and prayed that one day I would grow up to be a second-rate Jarvis for a second-rate pile of Avengers. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Nanny Cometh!"

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Synopsis for "The Nanny Cometh!"

Luke Cage is negotiating with Damage Control on how much it would cost to repair Avengers Mansion. When Cage proudly wanted to handle the cost on his own, he soon learns that it will cost about a quarter million dollars. Therefore, he reluctantly accepts Steve Rogers' help.

Stephen Strange wakes up and hears idle chitchat coming from downstairs. He goes down to find the New Avengers having lunch: they tell him he's been asleep for fifteen hours. He thanks them for their help and starts to leave, but Luke Cage insists that he stay with them and join the team.

Spider-Man is suspicious of Victoria Hand because of her connection to Norman Osborn, but Cage and Jessica Jones vouch for her. The next subject is wages: everyone on the team will receive a paycheck. Cage becomes outraged, thinking that Rogers is attempting to buy him off, only for his wife to remind him that they are down on money and that he can't make that decision for the rest of the team. Spidey, who didn't get one, is told that he won't be paid unless he reveals his secret identity: something he is naturally loathe to do in the presence of Osborn's former right hand. The New Avengers also learn that there is a budget for some house help.

Luke and Jessica begin the search for the right babysitter to watch their daughter Danielle. After going through several heroes, they settle on Squirrel Girl. Though there are apparent tension between her and Wolverine, they agree to keep things civil.

Their new housekeeper then arrives -- Wong, Strange's manservant. Strange greets him warmly, but Wong is surly. "If anybody touches my kitchen, I'll burn it to the ground." Hand comments that they are all insane.

Solicit Synopsis

After the devastating fallout of last issue’s fatal battle for this dimension, the New Avengers have to figure out who really belongs on the team. Plus, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones need a nanny, and not just any nanny, they need to find a superpowered nanny. Who. Will. It. Be?! Plus: another illustrated chapter of the oral history of the Avengers!


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