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Quote1.png Everything dies. You. Me. Everyone on this planet. Our sun, our galaxy and, eventually, the universe itself. This is simply how things are. It's inevitable. And I accept it. What I will not tolerate -- what I find unacceptable -- is the unnatural acceleration of that end. Which is why we were summoned here... as the untimely end of everything is what we now face. Quote2.png
Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards)

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Synopsis for "Inhumanity"

In the alternate Earth-23099, the Illuminati, formed of Reed Richards, Tony Stark, both Black Panthers, Professor X, Magneto, Captain Mar-Vell and Black Bolt, assemble to halt an Incursion in the wake of Maximus the Mad's unleashing of a Terrigen Bomb. Arriving in New York to witness the other Earth approaching their own, the Illuminati discover an army of flying golden sentinels falling with it to prevent their world from dying.

Meanwhile, in Earth-616, Black Swan is attempting to convince the Illuminati to build a device called the Mirror to peer into other realities, to prepare for the coming of the Black Priests. As the team attempts to understand what it is they're trying to build, it dawns on Reed that he has done so before- The Bridge. At the same time, Doctor Strange has locked himself away in the Sanctum Sanctorum, performing an ancient ritual with the Blood Bible, preparing to sacrifice anything and everything to restore himself to the sorcerer he once was- even at the cost of his soul.

Back in Earth-23099, the Illuminati engage their enemies- finding that neither Mar-Vell's power cosmic nor Black Bolt's shouts are enough to stop them. Xavier attempts to read their minds and take control of them, but discovers that each of them contains tens of thousands of minds- a revelation that debilitates him. Magneto quickly tears the helmets off of the enemy, revealing that they all have identical featureless faces lacking eyes and each having a distinct rune burned into their foreheads. Scoffing at the concepts of science and magic, the creatures ignite a flame that scorches Stark, T'Challa and Reed before reducing Black Bolt, Magneto, Mar-Vell to skeletons. Detecting an active mirror, the creatures unknowingly address the Illuminati of Earth-616, revealing themselves to be the Black Priests, before effortlessly destroying Earth-23099.

Solicit Synopsis


• With the consequences of Infinity fresh on their minds, tough decisions are made.

• The gathering of a new Illuminati.

• We learn more about the other beings related to the Incursions.

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