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Quote1.png I need more [power]. I want to be able to move worlds and shake them to their foundations. I want enough power in my hands to tear planets from the heavens and place them in a new sky. Quote2.png
Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange of Earth-616)

Appearing in "The Agamotto Gambit"

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Synopsis for "The Agamotto Gambit"

In the alternate reality of Earth-2319, the Illuminati, composed of Reed Richards, Iron Man, Emma Frost, Captain Britain (Betsy Braddock), Yellowjacket, Black Panther, Captain Britain (Brian Braddock) and Doctor Doom come together to stop an Incursion taking place in the twin mutant cities of Tian. After arriving on the scene, the Illuminati encounter the Mapmaker's Sidera Maris.

Meanwhile, Doctor Strange has made his way to the Sinner's Market, a marketplace dealing in magic and magical items. His guide asks him what he wishes to buy, and the Doctor responds that he seeks power. The guide takes him to the Resolute Throne.

Back on Earth-2319, the Illuminati and the mutants of Tian defeat the Sidera Maris, prompting the arrival of the Mapmakers themselves. Realising the threat posed to their intentions by mutantkind, they unleash a gene specific neutraliser, killing every single mutant. They offer the Illuminati the opportunity to flee, but they refuse, and engage them. All of them prove inefficient, with the exception of Doctor Doom, who to their surprise manages to kill one of the Mapmakers. It is not enough however, and the Mapmakers kill him and the rest of the Illuminati, as the Illuminati of Earth-616 look on in horror through the Bridge.

Back in the Sinner's Market, Strange enters the Resolute Throne. The attendants explain that they deal in degrees of godhood, offering a fifth of the power of a god in exchange for a fifth of a man's soul. They ask Strange how much of his soul he wishes to sell, and he responds that he will sell all of it.

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