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Quote1.png Do you understand, you stupid, stupid men? Rabum Alal is coming for everything. And when you understand what he is-- When you understand who he is... You'll know that I was right, and you so completely wrong. Ana Simtim Alaku. Then you will die, thinking of me... Who will be so very long gone. Quote2.png
Black Swan

Appearing in "See How The Swans Fly"

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Synopsis for "See How The Swans Fly"

The Illuminati, minus Namor and Doctor Strange, have gathered to discuss a discovery made by Beast; The Bridge does not just show them alternate universes, but can be used to look into the past and future as well (though with limitations). Beast and Reed used this discovery to try and search for Black Swans. They found three instances that they believed contained "their" Black Swan.

The first takes place during the destruction of Black Swan's home. The Black Swan returns to the point in time when her home was destroyed, alongside an adult Black Swan. She finds the body of her brother, and takes a sample of his blood before fleeing back into the Library of Worlds. However, in the process, the Priests have now found a key to the library.

The next instance is of a grown-up Black Swan seemingly killing a bound up human in a ritual.

The next instance is of the Black Swan alongside a Manifold on an alternate Earth. She came to this world, much as to Earth-616, and began collaborating with this world's Illuminati. This world's Tony Stark and Reed Richards followed her instructions, finding their world's Manifold and killing their friends on Black Swan's orders. She tells them that they must now destroy their world, and offers them passage away. They refuse and attack her, and she and Manifold kills them.

Later, the Illuminati attack the Black Swan and try to force her back in her cage. What follows is a heated battle, in which Maximus is injured. Sometime later, the Black Swan is comforted by Terrax. Terrax tells her that there is no way the Illuminati can keep them there forever, and points to Thanos' cell, where Corvus Glaive is slowly returning to life. Terrax promises that the Illuminati will fall, and that what will follow will be a reckoning.

Solicit Synopsis

• Meet the Mapmakers, cartographers of the Apocalypse.

• Doctor Strange sells his soul.

• Reed Richards and the Illuminati rekindle an old relationship.

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