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Quote1 We have seen so much evil in the collapsing of worlds... But now we will see something truly wicked. What's worse than facing villains with the fate of your world hanging in the balance? Facing heroes. Quote2
Black Panther

Appearing in "Into The Breach"

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Synopsis for "Into The Breach"

With another incursion soon on the horizon, the Illuminati all prepare themselves.

Using exogenically charged waters, Maximus has managed to heal his brother, restoring Black Bolt to full power.

Black Panther confers with his predecessors, the former Black Panthers. Black Panther debates with them, saying that while he has killed in the past, he will not take innocent lives, as he fears he must during the coming incursion. The other Panthers tell him that he must do what is needed to protect Wakanda, no matter the consequences to others, and that as a king, T'Challa has already committed acts of evil. Finally, his father asks him why he has not yet killed Namor.

Namor himself sharpens his trident as he is interrupted by the return of Doctor Strange, clearly changed by whatever he has experienced on his journey.

In the arsenal, Bruce Banner is asking Beast why they have so many anti-matter bombs, and why Beast is arming one of them. Beast tells him that, as Tony Stark informed him, they are facing countless doomsday scenarios of possibly infinite variations. Banner remarks that they need better ideas, and Beast answers that that is why Banner is there. He asks him to hold out his hand, and implants him with the same detector device the other Illuminati have in their hands. Banner asks why the device is flashing, and Beast responds that that is the answer to the question of why he is arming one of the bombs.

Tony Stark desperately demands answers from the Black Swan, who taunts him, before they are interrupted by Reed Richards, who calls Tony away. When Reed asks the Swan what that was about, she responds that it was "a man coming to the ends of himself."

The Illuminati travel to the incursion point in Egypt, and prepare for battle. Tony asks the Black Panther if he's sure of what he saw, and Panther responds to say that he is. He adds that they have seen much evil in their time fighting the incursions, but that now they will see something truly wicked; facing heroes with the fate of their worlds hanging in the balance.

Solicit Synopsis

• In all of creation, only one Earth has successfully met and triumphed over each Incursion that has threatened it: the Earth of the heroes of the Great Society!

• Guess which Earth is on a collision course with ours?

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