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Quote1 Haven't you been paying attention, Reed? We are all monsters now. We've just been waiting for the right circumstances to reveal ourselves. Quote2

Appearing in "We Are Not Brothers"

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Synopsis for "We Are Not Brothers"

As soon as the other world is destroyed, the Illuminati begin to bicker. The most bitter fight erupts between Black Panther and Namor, who quickly come to blows. Reed separates the two, and Namor angrily declares that the Illuminati have been prolonging the inevitable (destroying other worlds) for months. Iron Man states that he believed they would find a different solution, and Namor declares him a fool. Namor states that destroying the other world was their only choice, and that he is owed their thanks for making the tough choice they could not. Black Panther takes offence at this and they resume their fight, with only the Hulk able to separate them this time.

Namor angrily confesses that it was he that sent Thanos and the Black Order to Wakanda, and Black Panther immediately tries to kill him, but is restrained by the rest of the Illuminati. Reed asks Namor when he became such a monster, and Namor responds that they are all monsters, and have merely been waiting for the right circumstances to reveal themselves. Tony angrily yells at Namor to leave, and as he does, Black Panther swears that he will kill him.

The Illuminati, one by one, depart the site, and when only Reed and Black Panther remain, the early-alert system activates, showing less than eight hours until the next Incursion.

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• The Illuminati shatters under an exploding planet.

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