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Quote1.png Oh we brothers of abyss. Lost souls who light the fall. Down to the depths of our well-earned hell. Quote2.png
Captain Britain

Appearing in "What Happened When the World Woke Up"

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Synopsis for "What Happened When the World Woke Up"

On day one, the Illuminati relocate to a new hideout. They immediately establish contact with, and begin tracking, Amadeus Cho, who is on a mission in New York to secure Tony Stark's files. Cho is successful, but is captured in the process.

On day two, the Illuminati construct a device in order to establish contact with Cho again, and to be able to see what's happening to him. He is in a S.H.I.E.L.D. interrogation cell, and refuses to answer the agent interrogating him. The agent is relieved by Susan Richards, who takes his place. Sue vows to capture the Illuminati, including her husband, and tells Cho she will not be dissuaded by any arguments.

On day three, the Illuminati finally manage to gain access to Stark's files, thanks to Cho's sacrifice. The files that interest them the most are the weapons files, which include six hundred and fifty-three separate designs. Before they can begin processing the data, they are interrupted by a transmission from Black Panther, who warns them that he is teleporting in. He informs them that Wakanda has been lost.

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  • Part of this issue takes place at the same time of Avengers #35.

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