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Quote1.png The thing about endgames is this... it's really two strategies in one. First you show them what they guessed might have been coming. And then... you show them what they didn't. Quote2.png
Reed Richards

Appearing in "You Can't Win: Part II"

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  • Archangel Helicarriers

Synopsis for "You Can't Win: Part II"

With Sunspot and his team of Avengers arriving on the scene, Sunspot sends Steve Rogers a message, asking him to stand down in long speech. Steve shuts off communications midway through, and tells Maria to "deploy the package", the package being a remotely controlled alternate-universe Hulk. Next, Steve is interrupted by Manifold, Black Widow and Spider-Woman who teleport onboard the ship, asking him to cease fighting. Steve tells them that he won't stop until the Illuminati have been made to pay for their crimes, and tells Captain Marvel to detain them. Shang Chi sends an army of his clones to take over the Hellicarrier, and Steve and Maria Hill use an emergency exit.

They land in the middle of the battle, and Beast desperately tries to convince Steve to let them "do what needs to be done". Steve ignores him, and tells Sam Wilson to deploy his team, the Mighty Avengers. As the heated battle rages, Steve fights his way to Reed Richards. Just as he is about to strike him, all the combatants except Reed are trapped in forcefields. Steve realises that the Invisible Woman has betrayed him, and was working for Reed all along.

A ship lands, and Sue Storm and Medusa step out, soon followed by Black Bolt and Namor.

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