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Will you wait for me in Valhalla?
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Brother... This day, I will race you there.
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Appearing in "The Fall of Gods"

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Synopsis for "The Fall of Gods"

On the shattered remains of a Mapmaker world in Earth-1120006, the team of Avengers and Gardeners are standing over the remains of a nonfunctional Mapmaker. Abyss uses her powers to see a map leading to the Beyonders. Nightmask teleports them, killing himself in the process, but succeeds in bringing them face to face with the Beyonders.

The Beyonders speak from a rift in space and ask who has come to challenge them. Thor taunts them, and two of them emerge. Thor asks them to stop their experiment, but the Beyonders tell them that they are fully aware of what the experiment means to the multiverse, and that they will not stop until it is finished. Thor attacks one of them, to no effect, and the battle is begun.

Abyss tells Ex Nihilo that the Beyonders' physical shape contains their very essence, and that they can altered. Together, all the Ex Nihili and Abyss sacrifice themselves to transform one of the Beyonders into a tree. The one that is left responds by tearing Thor's arm off, wounding Hyperion, and piercing Starbrand, causing his energies to leak out. No longer able to contain his enormous power, Starbrand explodes, taking the Beyonder with him. Initially, Hyperion believes the day is done, but he soon notices an army of Beyonders emerging from the rift.

Thor and Hyperion resolve to die together in battle, but as Thor tries to lift his hammer he finds that he is unable to. He realises that he is no longer unworthy and laughs as he will now be able to die knowing he reclaimed his worthiness. After vowing to race each other to Valhalla, the two throw themselves at the Beyonders, and die.

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  • The original issue by Gabrielle Dell'Otto featuring a fallen Doctor Doom was changed for a cover by Adam Kubert which had previously been solicited as the cover for Avengers (Vol. 5) #43.[1]

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