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Quote1.png You don't understand at all, do you? You're just men. I can tell that you recognize me, you know my master. But beyond the Eye of Agamotto... I have no idea who you people are. Galaktus is an universal constant. He must be there at the end of each universe. But because of this world, the universes are dying too soon. So we will unmoor our universe by killing this world. Just as in your universe, the same will happen to your Earth. And there is more than just my master to account for. So please, go home. Accept the greater good--Accept your good fortune--And let this Earth die. Or we could play warriors while a world crumbles around us... Pretending like this is something that you can defeat with your fists. Well? What are you going to do? Quote2.png
Terrax, the Truly Enlightened

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Synopsis for "World Eater"

The story opens in the Necropolis where Reed and T'Challa show Tony their findings in reverse-engineering the device found with Black Swan, revealing it to be an antiproton sling used to destroy the Earth she jumped from. They tell Tony that they'll need about two more days to finish their own version. Tony shows them what he's been working on, handing them Shi'ar Omnicasters to project themselves to the other side of the Sun where Tony has hired Shi'ar contractors to build a Dyson Sphere.

Meanwhile, Doctor Strange has been researching methods of his own in the Blu'dakorr, an ancient magical text of incredible dark power. Strange's studies are interrupted, first by Wong bringing him tea and then the signal that another incursion is taking place. Strange tells Wong that he has left Wong the manager of his estate, should something happen to him, and tells him to live every day as if it were his last, as it may very well be.

The Illuminati convene at the incursion site which is revealed to be Ellis Island in New York City. They discuss possibilities, with Reed and T'Challa having found a way to channel an Ultimate Nullifier through a vibranium barrel, which would destroy the other Earth's incursion site but also kill the user. Beast proposes using the other world's Infinity Gems to buy themselves more time, and they decide to go to the other Earth. The team decides on four hours to find the gems, and if that isn't accomplished, Doctor Strange will put into motion an "unspeakable thing" that will solve the problem, at great cost.

Their plans are interrupted however, when they see that Galaktus (the Galactus of that universe) has arrived to consume the Earth. While this would solve their problem, Reed does not wish them to let this Earth's people die. They are interrupted by the arrival of Galaktus' herald, Terrax the Truly Enlightened, who tells them to leave and let Galaktus consume the Earth in order to prevent the incursion. Iron Man asks Terrax how he knows about the incursions, and Terrax tells him that he knows many things and that there have been whispers, uncovered secrets and rumors spread by refugees.

The Illuminati refuse to give up however, and upon being asked by Namor if he would stop them, Terrax responds that in order to save the universe, they will destroy the Earth, and that the same will happen to their Earth, and tells them that there is more than just Galactus to account for, and finally begs them to accept their good fortune and go home or else fight him as the world crumbles to dust. The Illuminati choose battle, and engage Terrax in combat.


  • Despite the fact the issue states the Illuminati are on Ellis Island, the art clearly shows them to be on Liberty Island instead.

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