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Quote1 All I have, all I have ever known, are scary stories, and they are all real... The incursions never stop, not until your world dies-- not until everything dies. This is all there is. Quote2
Black Swan

Appearing in "Black Swans"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Black Priests (Only in flashback) (First appearance chronologically)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Black Swans"

One week after their last incursion, the Illuminati have assembled in their hideout in the Necropolis. Just as Black Swan predicted, the Illuminati have finally come to her for help. She tells Reed that there will be a price for her aid, her continued existence, after cracking her cage with a blow. Black Panther agrees that she is ready to be let out, and notes that she is stronger than Reed estimated, asking her why she would sit in a cage when she could have broken it. She states that she knew that the real thing keeping her there was the bomb underneath the cage. Black Panther shackles her with a necklace containing a bomb of the same yield as the one underneath her cage in order to ensure her good behavior, but she tells him she is not someone to be kept, unlike Terrax, who is seated on a throne in a cage just like Black Swan's.

We flash back to one week ago, when the Illuminati fought Terrax. Terrax brushes off all attempts at subduing him and nearly kills Iron Man, until Black Bolt manages to get close enough to unleash a scream at point blanc, knocking him out. The Illuminati take their captive, and depart while Galaktus consumes the other Earth.

At the Necropolis, Black Swan and the Illuminati have assembled, and she remarks that they need one another. Black Swan mocks them for believing that Terrax, a servant of a World Eater, would aid them in saving their Earth, and asks if that is why they brought him back. Iron Man tells her that she will receive as much rope as they choose to give her, which will depend on her usefulness. Black Swan tells them that because of her giving nature, they know the mechanics of what is happening, but they have no idea what they're dealing with. When Doctor Strange asks her to tell them, she asks them who he is. He responds by stating that the is the Sorcerer Supreme of this dimension, and Black Swan dismisses him as a necromancer and a summoner, saying she will not tolerate him talking to her.

She begins by telling them her origins, revealing her true name as Yabbat Ummon Tarru, third sister of the crown prince Dadingra, heir to the Hidden City and keeper of the Great Key. The key unlocked her planet's greatest treasure; a library of worlds which functioned as gateways to parallel universes. This library could not be navigated without the aid of the "Great Ladies", whom no one had ever seen. One day, her planet experienced an Incursion and the denizens of the other Earth descended onto her planet and slaughtered everyone except for her. She entered the Great Library, and found the Great Ladies waiting for her, telling her that her world was to be an offering to the Great Destroyer, and she had been spared to become a Black Swan.

She informs the Illuminati that the Library was destroyed, and the Black Swans scattered. She tells them that the incursions began with the birth of "Rabum Alal", the Great Destroyer, and that they offer him Earths as sacrifices. She tells them that the incursions will never stop until their world is destroyed, and tells Beast that other versions of him have stopped the incursions many times by evacuating the Earth and destroying it. She calls this way "Shading the Apocalypse" and states that it is the eighth way to stop an incursion. Black Panther tells the others he still has a problem with her for destroying a world, but she responds that she has done worse, just as they all will. In good faith, she tells them that the devices they have implanted into their palms are a good start, but they will need something more accurate, like what she has implanted into her eyes, which is a device slightly out of sync with its native universe to forecast coming incursions. She also tells them that the next incursion will occur in minutes, and to the dismay of the Illuminati, the next incursion is happening in Latveria.

Solicit Synopsis

• Learn the history of the enigmatic Black Swan.
• What answers can she provide the Illuminati?

• And watch as the New Avengers do the unthinkable!

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