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Quote1 I am who you are looking for. I am the Black Panther. King of the dead... And soon to be your new lord. Quote2
Black Panther

Appearing in "The Cull Obsidian"

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Synopsis for "The Cull Obsidian"

Some time ago, before invading, Thanos extracted the memories of a spy he had sent to steal the memories of Black Bolt. He discovers that the Illuminati held the Infinity Gems, but lost all but one. Thanos orders the Black Order to find the remaining gem, while he searches for his son.

In the present, Thanos' forces have begun their invasion. In New York Iron Man and Reed activate Avengers Tower's defense mechanisms and attempt to fight back the tide. In Wakanda, the Wakandan forces meet the invading armies outside of the city, and Black Panther engages their leader, Black Dwarf of the Black Order. In Atlantis, Proxima Midnight of the Black Order finds the city destroyed, and Namor kneeling among the corpses. She offers to spare him and what remains of his nation in return for the location of the Infinity Gem. In the Sanctum Sanctorum, Ebony Maw immobilizes Wong and uses his powers to take control of Doctor Strange's mind. At the Jean Grey School, Corvus Glaive and Supergiant defeat the X-Men.

The Wakandans are successful in repelling the invaders, as Black Panther narrowly outlasts Black Dwarf and sends him retreating. Meanwhile, Namor leads the Atlanteans in kneeling before Proxima Midnight and offering them their allegiance, to the protests of Andromeda. Namor tells Proxima that the gem is in Wakanda.

In Attilan, Black Bolt looks out across New York and activates his beacon, summoning the Illuminati.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Illuminati on the front line as the Earth is invaded.

• The House of Black Bolt cracks.

• Earth falls.

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