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Quote1.png I get anxiety. I don't think I'm good enough. I don't like myself, even though I know -- rationally, I know -- doesn't matter. I have bad days. Bad thoughts. And sometimes... sometimes, yeah. They're hard to fight. But I don't let them win every day. And I'm damn sure not going to let you win today. You're just a cheap little bully who likes breaking toys, Moridun -- and you shouldn't have let me see you! Get out of my head! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Happy Ever After"

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Solicit Synopsis

• The Cross-Time Team-Up races to its conclusion – guest-starring the Avengers of 20XX!

• Moridun, star-sorcerer from before time began, makes his move -- and for one Avenger, it could be the last!

• It’s up to Wiccan to save the world - but will he lose his soul in the process?

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