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  • Angel's plane (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "Dragon Midnight"

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As Candy Southern drives away from Defenders' Mansion with Dolly Donahue and Sassafrass, a dark storm begins to rage, and she calls the other Defenders to ask them for help. As they fly home, Beast, Iceman, and Cloud find Aragorn flying wildly in the storm. Iceman creates an ice-bridle and is able to restrain the wild pegasus, riding it to the surface.

As the Defenders’ plane lands, it is destroyed by a bolt of lightning. Moondragon appears on a nearby cliff overlooking the damage she's done with her elemental strike. The Dragon of the Moon, currently surrounding the possessed telepath, creates an energy bridge from her position for her to walk upon. Suddenly, Moondragon is forced to stop when confronted by the giant form of Valkyrie, who was given special powers by Odin for this purpose.

Meanwhile, Candy Southern arrives at the nearby military base to ask General Argyle Fist for help. While hesitant at first, the general agrees to send reinforcements to the aerie when the base gets word that the pillars of fire emanating from the mountain. As Valkyrie battles the Dragon of the Moon, she summons her sister valkyries to help her.

Cloud believes that they may be able to help Moondragon, so they guides the blinded Angel to fly them into the Dragon. There, Cloud implores Moondragon to stop, but Moondragon claims that she enjoys being evil and will not give it up. An angry Cloud shouts that they hates Moondragon and then strikes her with lightning directly in the Dragon’s heart. The Dragon is seemingly destroyed, Valkyrie and Moondragon vanish, and the storm passes as the military arrive at the Defenders' headquarters.

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