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  • U.S.S. Daring (Only appearance; destruction)

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Synopsis for "Apocalypse Now"

From his orbiting space station, Apocalypse takes control of a nuclear submarine in the Pacific Ocean, and uses it to attack the underwater refuge of the Deviants, hoping to incite a war between Deviants and humans. The Eternal allies Reject and Karkas were present at the time, hoping to stop the conscious spirit of Ghaur (imprisoned within a gold statue) from attacking the surface world. Both of them are horribly mutated in the blast.

Picking up on the unusual energy readings unleashed by the Apocalypse’s secret attack on the Deviants, Ikaris summons the dispersed Eternals to their home base of Olympia. Besides those we’ve seen before, several never-before-seen Eternals answer his summons including Chi Demon, who works as a professor at Berkeley and has to fend off an attack from several students at night who think she is a mutant; Tomorrow Hawk, a Native American who has the ability to animate enormous statues that he carves; Aurelle, who can channel light and energy powers; and Psykos, who has telepathy and illusion-casting powers.

When the Eternals convene in Olympia, Ikaris informs them of the unidentified threat, and also says an energy signal matching that of a destroyed Eternal has been located and is re-forming. This proves to be Ikaris’s father Virako, who is happy to see his son but questions Ikaris’s leadership when he learns Ikaris wishes to involve the Eternals in human affairs and protect them from the Deviants. Soon Olympia is attacked by a powerful but horribly disfigured individual; this proves to be Reject, who was captured by government authorities but escaped and flew to Olympia. Olympian technology is able to revert him to his usual appearance; he notes that Karkas is still unaccounted for.

Apocalypse has also abducted many of the Deviants, including Karkas, and forces them to fight each other to see who survives. He sends an obelisk plummeting to Earth. It lands near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and cracks open to reveal an enormous, heavily mutated Karkas, who begins to rampage mindlessly. The Eternals fly there to stop him. During the battle Ikaris realizes the signal controlling Karkas is coming from space; he flies up to its source and there confronts Apocalypse. Ikaris and Apocalypse know each other from a previous battle, centuries ago (this battle has not yet been depicted). Apocalypse says this is just a taste of the devastation that will come when he gathers the 12 most powerful mutants in the world and unleashes the Age of Apocalypse. They battle inconclusively, before Ikaris blasts a hole in the spaceship and both are sucked out into space.

Below, Reject is able to blast Karkas’ spine, where Apocalypse has embedded a brain control device. With this destroyed, he plunges into the bay, unconscious, as Ikaris falls back to Earth as well. Resolving to integrate themselves more in human affairs, Ikaris and the Eternals voluntarily confront the press and decide to pose as a new superhero team, the New Breed.

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