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Formed to avenge the apparent deaths of the true Fantastic Four. Regrouped twice: once to fight the Sinister Six, again to apprehend the Human Torch. A new group came together to help defend Earth during the Empyre crisis.


A female Skrull alien named De'Lila who was an empath, a shape-shifter, and a telepath managed to capture the true Fantastic Four. Pretending to be Susan Richards she convinced Wolverine, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Ghost Rider to form a New Fantastic Four to avenge their "deaths". She sent them to fight the Mole Man so that she could steal a powerful Skrull device that crash-landed on Monster Isle.[1]

The team briefly regrouped with Sleepwalker instead of Wolverine to fight the reformed Sinister Six.[2]

The original members reunited again as the first Secret Defenders at Dr. Strange's request to bring the Human Torch in for arson.[3]

When Franklin and Valeria needed help while the FF were away dealing with the latest Kree-Skrull threat, Valeria activated an emergency signal that summoned Spider-Man and Wolverine to aid them, but a message from their father confirmed that the children should consider themselves members of the team as well.[4]


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