The New Folk as they known are early hominids[1] from Human evolution.[citation needed] They were once thought to be the ancestors of Humans on Earth-616[citation needed] but later revealed to be from the parallel Earth-78411 better known as Dinosaur World.[2]

The New Folk are split into various tribes such at the Small-Folk, the Killer-Folk, the Hill-Folk, the Valley-Folk, Forest Folk, & Dino Riders, New Folk the ride Dinosaurs. One of the most famous members of the New Folk is Moon Boy the long time allies of Devil Dinosaur.[3]

Powers and Abilities


A mutant, Moon Boy is exceptionally intelligent for his species (presumed to be related to that mutation) and can comprehend Devil Dinosaur (possibly via psionic abilities).[1]


Type of Government: Tribal
Level of Technology: Primitive
Representatives: * Moon Boy


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