New Guinea is the second largest island on Earth, next to Greenland, and is located in the Pacific Ocean in the Malay Archipelago.

20th Century

During World War II New Guinea was an island of strategic importance to the Imperial Japanese Army. In 1942, Nazi agent Colonel Zinzer travelled here and attempted to convince the local tribes to ally themselves with his Japanese allies. This plan was thwarted by the Patriot who in turn convinced the locals to drive back the Japanese instead[1]. In 1943, the soldiers from Camp Lehigh were deployed to New Guinea. On this mission, Captain America and Bucky stopped Imperial Japanese soldier Kuhomai from assassinating General Douglas MacArthur[2] The locals known as the Birdmen of Pa-Pi-Ru-Gua (so-called because they rode massive birds) had allied themselves with the Imperial Japanese. During a clash with Captain America and Bucky, the Birdmen were wiped out in the dormant volcano where their village was located became active once again[3]. Also active in the area during this time was Jap Buster Johnson who prevented two acts of Japanese sabotage against the Navy ship he was stationed on while it was located off the shore of New Guinea[4][5].

Modern Age

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