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Across the Hudson River, perched high above the Palisades cliffs, stood the Owl's Aerie, where the Owl hired Ape Horgon and Sad Sam Simms to serve him in his new criminal career. They later captured Daredevil and Karen Page, but Daredevil managed to break loose and chase the Owl out of his own base[1].

Having planned to move to America, Count Nefaria had his ancestral castle disassembled stone by stone and re-assembled atop the New Jersey Palisades. He announced that he was opening the castle to the public and that profits from admission fees would be donated to charity. He invited the Avengers to the opening day ceremonies, putting them into suspended animation while he projected their three-dimensional images to publicly proclaim that the Avengers were going to seize control of the United States.[2]

Trying to flee from Captain Marvel, Moonstone hit the cliffs at the foot of the New Jersey Palisade at close to 100 mile an hour.[3] Like the remaining Masters of Evil, she was found there injured and captured.[4]

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