Founded by Lionel Jeffries with backing from unknown sponsors, the New Life Clinic sought to specialize in revolutionary medical treatment, specially for super-humans. As Jeffries' brother was a member Alpha Flight, and they were based relatively close by, they often sought the clinic's aid in medical matters. When Roger Bochs was diagnosed with the Bends, he was placed in Dr Jeffries care. During his recuperation, Jeffries gave the double amputee Bochs new legs and a younger, fitter body.[1]

Jeffries also managed to attract a medical intern in the form of Whitman Knapp who was a latent mutant (whether this impacted Jeffries' selection is not known). [2] Jeffries also began collecting various super-humans who had physical, emotional, or psychological trauma.[3] These patients were freed by Jeanne-Marie Beaubier[4] and later captured by Bedlam.[3]

It was soon revealed that Jeffries mental health issues had not been resolved when it was discovered that Bochs' legs were created using dead tissue. Jeffries' own insanity seemed to spread to Bochs as well. Jeffries used his skin manipulation powers to merge with Bochs and become Omega, capable of changing his own physical form.[5]

Omega battled Alpha Flight and began to absorb them. When Bochs had a change of heart, Jeffries lobotomized him. Kara took control of Omega and forced him to restore Madison. Madison merged with the Box armor and decided the only way to stop Omega was to kill him.[4]

The New Life Clinic has not been seen since the death of its director.



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