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The members of what became the New Marauders originated from the universe Earth-1610. During the final incursion that caused the clash between Earth-616 and Earth-1610, with both universe's planets Earth acting as the collision point of this phenomenon, Jimmy Hudson, Quicksilver, Mach-II, Armor and Guardian fell from their reality into the other. When the Multiverse was eventually rebuilt, these mutants became stranded in the Prime Earth, suffering from amnesia as a by-product of their transition from one reality to another.

These five foreign mutants were abducted by super-villain geneticist Miss Sinister, who brainwashed and turned them into her personal enforcers, the New Marauders. After Jimmy's natural resistance to telepathy allowed him to break free from Miss Sinister's control and he escaped,[1] the remaining New Marauders were deployed to retrieve him. In the process, the New Marauders confronted the young X-Men, who had tracked down Jimmy after he was detected by Cerebro.[2] Following a brief confrontation against the X-Men and Jimmy, during which Marvel Girl learned of Miss Sinister's involvement, the New Marauders were ordered by their superior to leave.[1]

The New Marauders remained by Miss Sinister's side as she allied herself with Havok, Emma Frost and Bastion to release Mothervine globally with the intent to make mutantkind the dominant species.[3] They were sent to recruit Xorn to Havok's cause, but two of the young X-Men, Jimmy Hudson and Bloodstorm, inteverened and rescued him.[4] Shortly afterwards, the New Marauders were sent to attack Magneto, who had threatened Havok's plans.[5] Magneto evaded them and escaped using his time platform.[6] Following the capture of the young X-Men, Emma Frost finally rejected Miss Sinister's ideals, and took psychic control of the New Marauders and turned them upon their mistress. However, Miss Sinister activated a kill-switch she had implanted in their genetic code, killing all three instantly.[7]

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