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The past history of the New Mutants of Earth-21993 mirrors that of their Earth-616 counterparts up until the point shortly after Cable took control of the team. During this time, Charles Xavier would return to Earth and be furious at the state of human/mutant relations and call the New Mutants, X-Men and X-Factor to task.

This would prompt the New Mutants leader Cable to call out Xavier on his methods telling him that they should be looking out for themselves instead of pandering to humans. Xavier would call for Cable to be removed as leader of the New Mutants, however the young mutants feeling abandoned by the X-Men and X-Factor would remain loyal to Cable leading to a clash between them and the X-Men. The New Mutants would have the advantage as the X-Men would hold back, not wishing to harm their younger counterparts and they would escape into the Morlock tunnels. When Xavier would attempt to wipe Cable's mind, Cable would resist vowing to Xavier if he wanted a war, Cable would certain bring it to him.

Taking the New Mutants to an abandoned Sentinel Base, Cable would determine that Xavier is a threat to his goals and assassinate him along with Cyclops and Marvel Girl. Their deaths would fracture the X-Men, leaving one half wanting to bring Cable to justice and the other wanting his death.

The New Mutants would lose Sunspot take on Domino into their ranks before they were attacked by the vengeful group of X-Men led by Wolverine. In the ensuing clash, Cable would be killed by Wolverine.

Following Cable's death, the New Mutants would fracture. Sunspot, Rictor and Boom-Boom would join Magneto's mutant army and be slain when Magneto would inadvertently detonate a Sentinel containing a nuclear warhead. Cannonball and Wolfsbane were last seen being chased by an angry anti-mutant mob. The fate of Warlock and Domino following Cable's death remains unrevealed.

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