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The New Mutants are a group of mutant friends who frequently associate themselves to help each other and share a past as former students of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.[2] With the apparent death of the X-Men, Xavier was apprehensive about taking in another class of mutant students. However, by realizing young mutants would face danger by themselves without his aid, he decided to take in more pupils, but refused to have them in combat.[3] Tragically, the New Mutants did involve themselves in violent and dangerous adventures, which led to the death of some of them.[4] The command of the group was eventually taken by the terrorist Cable, who revamped the New Mutants as the extremist team of soldiers known as X-Force.[5] Years later, the adult New Mutants were reassembled by Magik, who manipulated them into helping her in her secret objectives.[6][7] For a while, the New Mutants worked for the Hatchi Corporation as private superheroes.[8] On the mutant island of Krakoa, they maintained their friendship by going to adventures together. Being based at the Akademos Habitat, the New Mutants usually train younger generations of mutants to improve their abilities.[2][9]


Gifted Youngsters[]

Professor Charles Xavier founded the X-Men in hopes of making a dream of peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans come true, teaching them in the use of their abilities for good at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. However, Xavier came to believe that his students perished in a battle against the vicious alien known as the Brood.[10] He sank into depression and vowed not to put any more young mutants in danger, but his friend and colleague Dr. Moira MacTaggert convinced him that mutants would face threats regardless and his school would provide ways for new mutants not to fight by themselves. Professor Xavier decided to tutor young mutants in the use of their special powers, but not send them out into combat.[3]

A young Vietnamese refuge known as Karma was one of the mutants in need of help, being recommended to Xavier by Mister Fantastic in order to achieve better control over her mental possession abilities.[11] A second pupil was a lycanthrope orphan girl rebaptized as Wolfsbane who Moira had rescued from an angry mob on Muir Island, Scotland, and had named herself as the girl's guardian.[3] Other young mutants were soon found to be facing dangers. After being informed through a letter by Black Eagle, father of a man who saved Xavier's life during the war, that his granddaughter Danielle Moonstar had to learn to control her mutant abilities of casting nightmares, Professor Xavier, Karma and Wolfsbane went to Colorado only to find the sender dead. They were attacked by troopers who hunted Moonstar but were defeated by Xavier and his new students. Moonstar reluctantly joined Xavier out of obedience for Black Eagle and also in order to get herself revenge against her grandfather's killers. Xavier telepathically learned that Donald Pierce of the elite Hellfire Club wished to use young mutants to take control of that organization away from Sebastian Shaw and then use its resources to kill mutants.[3]

Additionally, Xavier also was made aware that Pierce was after two other targets, one in Brazil and the other in Kentucky. Moira, Karma and Moonstar went to Brazil to track down a young boy whose power was super-strength powered by sunlight granting him the name of Sunspot. Pierce's agents lured him out of hiding by kidnapping his girlfriend, who was killed in the fight. Approached by Karma and Moonstar, he agreed to join Xavier to get the responsible. Professor Xavier and Wolfsbane drove through Kentucky, where they were ambushed by the other mutant they looked for, a young man with rocket-flight and invulnerability powers Cannonball. Under Pierce's pay, Cannonball had Xavier captured, but Wolfsbane escaped in wolf-form, preventing the detection of any human beings nearby. She followed them to their base and was met by the other young mutants. They invaded the base and were subdued, but Cannonball refused to follow Pierce's orders of killing them. Xavier was able to get freed and defeat Pierce, who was taken care of by the Hellfire Club. They initially left Cannonball behind, but he soon arrived at Xavier's some days later to round up the first class of the New Mutants.[3]

The ex-ballerina Stevie Hunter served as the New Mutants' chaperone, physical instructor and adviser. In the Danger Room, which counted with holographic mechanisms, the New Mutants were to be trained and monitored. During a casual moment, Moonstar's powers ran out of control and exposed Karma's nightmares to the rest of the class, sparking a violent interaction between them. Moonstar panicked and missed her first Danger Room assignment as well as a short trip to the town of Salem Center with the other New Mutants.[12] Henry Gyrich of Project: Wideawake sent agents to capture the New Mutants at the local mall. They resisted the agents with help from Colonel Michael Rossi, which prompted Gyrich to use anti-mutant Sentinels against them. The robots were stopped and Karma had the agents admit their participation in the attack to the police.[13]

At the School, Moonstar went to the Danger Room by herself, but was knocked out as a result of sabotage. The New Mutants returned to find her unconscious.[13] She was tormented by images of the Brood and secretly gathered the New Mutants to take measures. They succumbed to illusions Moonstar unwillingly generated.[14] The mystery was soon solved. Xavier was unaware that when the X-Men originally fought the Brood in deep space, he had been infected with a Brood Queen embryo. Part of his decision to form the New Mutants was the embryo's influence to collect superior genetic hosts for more Brood. Moonstar's powers were seen as a threat and he tried to get her to quit the team. The X-Men knew about the situation and returned from space to deal with Xavier, fighting the New Mutants upon a turbulent arrival. Professor Xavier transformed into a Brood Queen and the X-Men and the New Mutants joined forces to subdue him. His mind was transplanted into a cloned and healthy body. Recovered, he apologized for the incidents and welcomed the New Mutants to remain at the School with the X-Men, which they did.[15]

The Future of the X-Men[]

After helping Stevie Hunter deal with a stalker who harassed her,[16] the New Mutants viewed a motorcycle demonstration by Team America, who were attacked by agents of the crime boss Viper. The New Mutants intervened and Team America unintentionally transformed Moonstar into their Black Rider, leading her to be kidnapped by the Silver Samurai and Viper.[17] Xavier trained Team America to steal a crystal from an A.I.M. base in Mexico to pay Viper's ransom, but was attacked by a malevolent psychic entity. Meanwhile, the New Mutants assembled in California to rescue Moonstar. Out of contact with her mentor, Karma contacted her criminal uncle to lead the New Mutants to Moonstar's rescue, with success. The entity then established contact with Karma at the moment Viper destroyed her own headquarters after escaping. The New Mutants fell into the ocean, and Karma went missing.[18]

After seeing "Cats" in New York City, the New Mutants ran afoul of a gang of teens. Sunspot and Wolfsbane were knocked out, kidnapped by mobsters and injected with a drug similar to the one that had empowered Cloak and Dagger, becoming monstrous versions of themselves. Moonstar and Cannonball met up with Cloak and Dagger and Spider-Man to rescue them. Cloak and Dagger used their powers to absorb the drugs from Sunspot's and Wolfsbane's systems to restore them to normal.[19]

For days the X-Men searched for Karma with no success, and Xavier let the New Mutants presume she was dead in order to protect them from the evil being that had seized her. He had the New Mutants accompany Sunspot's archeologist mother to an expedition in Brazil, believing it would benefit the team cope with Karma's apparent demise. In Rio, they were attacked by the Hellfire Club agent Axe, who kidnapped Sunspot's mother under his own father's orders due to her interference in his illegal wood industry business. After she was freed by the New Mutants, they went to the Amazon rainforest,[20] where they clashed with a tribe of warriors girls, joining a girl named Amara. Betrayed by their guides, who worked for Sunspot's father, the New Mutants were captured by soldiers of the lost civilization of Nova Roma,[1] but managed to escape after a conflict in their arena thanks to Xavier's influence, with Wolfsbane being revered as a wolf deity.[21] Amara was to be sacrificed by the Black Priestess Selene, who feasted on life energy of youths. Moonstar confronted Selene to release Amara from her control, but Amara was knocked into the pit of lava, which awakened her latent mutant powers of controlling magma.[22] Together, Amara and the New Mutants defeated Selene and thwarted her husband Senator Gallio's attempt to kill Amara's father Senator Aquilla to seize power over Nova Roma.[23] Back to Rio, Sunspot severed ties with his father, who decided to join the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. Amara's father instructed her to join the New Mutants[24] as Magma to learn about modern civilization and control her powers.[25]

Wishing to give Xavier a party, the New Mutants had help from a resident of the School, Illyana Rasputin,[26] sister to the X-Man Colossus who had been kidnapped by the demon lord Belasco and spent years in the hellish Limbo. She had been trained as a demon sorceress, before freeing herself, becoming the ruler of Limbo and reuniting with the X-Men.[27] The party revelation was ruined by the demon S'ym, who was ordered by Belasco to retrieve her. She used her mutant power to teleport the New Mutants to fight S'ym on her behalf, unsuccessfully, before she recovered and summoned her Soulsword to threaten his life. He renounced Belasco and swore loyalty to Illyana. The party took place with Professor Xavier and the X-Men,[26] whereupon she was accepted to the New Mutants as Magik.[28]

The teenage X-Man Kitty Pryde, who was Magik's best friend, proved to be a challenging individual to the other New Mutants, demeaning their status as unexperienced mutants and refusing to join them.[29] She had a close friend in Salem Center, the hacker Doug Ramsey, who helped her sabotage Project: Armageddon's activities, which were linked to the Hellfire Club.[25] As a prodigy, he was invited to tour the Massachusetts Academy, secretly a resource for the Hellfire Club.[26] Ramsey was unaware that he was a mutant with the power of deciphering languages, and Pryde chose to accompany him, but she was captured by Emma Frost, the headmistress of the academy and White Queen of the Hellfire Club.[30] Magik decided to investigate the disappearance of her friend and learned about the kidnapping. With the heroes of the world, including the X-Men, unwillingly being part of the Beyonder's experiment away from Earth, the New Mutants joined Magik by themselves in infiltrating the Massachusetts Academy, but were telepathically tricked by Frost.[31] In an attempt to rescue Pryde and Ramsey, they were then subdued by Frost's class of students, the Hellions,[32] with only Moonstar and Magik escaping to Limbo as a way to prevent being captured. Limbo's temporal instability led them to watch the New Mutants being recruited into the Hellions one year in the future and then return to one week past their present, when the Hellions proposed a battle contest for the New Mutants' freedom. Frost interrupted the ordeal feeling her authority had been usurped, a distraction that allowed Pryde to disrupt the electronic systems of the Massachusetts Academy's training room, leading to the New Mutants' escape.[28]

Demons and Monsters[]

Back to the School, Moonstar experienced nightmarish visions of the Demon Bear, a ghost entity responsible for her parents' disappearance in the past. She chose to summon the beast and confront it by herself with disastrous consequences, for the New Mutants found her nearly dead in the woods around the School.[33] Being taken to the nearby medical center for emergency surgery, where the Demon Bear tracked her to and was opposed by the New Mutants. It transported them to its world along with Officer Corsi and Nurse Friedlander,[34] who were transformed into minions to fight the New Mutants. Magik cast protective spells around the operating room to allow Moonstar's recovery, prevented the New Mutants from succumbing to the beast, and slayed it with her Soulsword, releasing Moonstar's parents. Reunited with her parents, Moonstar received additional healing from the Morlocks' Healer, though she would use a wheelchair, then a cane for some time. Locked in super-enhanced bodies with Native-American appearance, Corsi and Friedlander became associated with Xavier's School.[35]

When in route to visit Cannonball's family, Professor Xavier and the New Mutants witnessed a dangerous forest fire and worked to extinguish it. The incident had been caused by Hybrid, a mutant Dire Wraith/human crossbreed who had become the ward of the local preacher and wished to reproduce. The New Mutants were defeated by the monster, except for Magik, who escaped and met the Spaceknight Rom and defeated Hybrid, saving the New Mutants and Rom's partner Starshine.[36]

Back to Westchester, the girls of the New Mutants hosted a slumber party with girls invited from the local high school without adult supervision. Meanwhile, the boys found the techno-organic alien Warlock, who had crashed on the School grounds fleeing his murderous sire, the Magus. The vampiric Warlock fought the New Mutants in the erupting confusion, not being able to communicate with them. The New Mutants went to town to ask Doug Ramsey for help in conversing with the alien using holograms generated by the Danger Room, with Ramsey realizing Warlock was a mutant of his species. Warlock and Ramsey, under the mutant codename Cypher, joined the New Mutants with Professor Xavier's blessing after he returned to the school. Warlock and Cypher developed a close bond in the team.[37]

Sunspot gifted backstage passes for the New Mutants to attend rockstar Lila Cheney's last concert on her world tour. Before the show, Cannonball saved Cheney from falling equipment, which Warlock discovered to had been sabotaged by a Vrakanin alien, who the New Mutants battled. During the fight, Cheney left after concluding her show through a teleporting stargate with her band and Cannonball across the galaxy to her own Dyson Sphere. Warlock activated the stargate and assumed the shape of a vessel for the New Mutants to follow them despite Cheney, who was in fact an intergalactic thief, not wanting them to. The leader of the Vrakanin, Charasúlla, wished to make an exclusive deal with Cheney over the theft of Earth, managing to capture her and the New Mutants due to the betrayal of one of her bandmates. The New Mutants defeated the aliens, but damaged the planet-moving technology, setting up a self-destruct which put Earth in danger; Cypher was able to turn it off. Lila Cheney then used her mutant power to transport them across inter-stellar distances to London and started a relationship with Cannonball.[38]

Sunspot and Wolfsbane were inadvertently corrupted by the powers of Cloak and Dagger respectively, a result of the past incident involving them.[39] Sunspot succumbed to Cloak's darkness, trapping Colossus and attacking Xavier and Moira, while Wolfsbane struggled with sleepwalks related to Dagger. The New Mutants approached the powerless Cloak and Dagger to sort the situation out[40] while Wolfsbane eased Sunspot's condition with her new abilities and rescue Colossus. With Magik unable to restore them, Cloak and Dagger offered to purge the young mutants of their curse.[41] Using the power-siphoning abilities of the X-Man Rogue, Professor Xavier solved the situation by returning Cloak and Dagger their powers.[42]

Shadows Within[]

For a long time, Moira had kept Xavier's catatonic son David under her care in her research center on Muir Island at the request of his mother Ambassador Gabrielle Haller. Xavier was not aware of the child's existence.[12] David's insanely powerful psychic abilities had shattered his mind into several personalities and power sets, earning him the alias of Legion. When Legion's conditioned worsened, he caused mayhem in Moira's center, harming Corsi and Friedlander. At Moira's request, Professor Xavier arrived on Muir Island with New Mutants Moonstar, Wolfsbane, Cypher and Warlock. Xavier had no success in helping his son's condition[43] leading to Moira, Haller and the New Mutants to be absorbed into Legion's mind, which was represented by a war-torn city. Separately, they met Legion's three erratic personas, who aggressively opposed each other. They targeted the telepathic personality Jemail Karami, which was created from the leader of a terrorist attack David had survived years before.[44] Defeated, Karami revealed he actually wished to heal Legion's mind to get himself free. Xavier was then betrayed and put out of commission by Legion's telekinetic personality, Jack Wayne. Moonstar took charge of the situation and demanded the cooperation of all personalities to restore Legion's psyche and return everyone to the physical world.[45]

Due to the machinations of the vengeful Hellion Empath, Sunspot and Magma were kidnapped by a representative of the Gladiators, a group of mutants who fought to death in an amusement Arena in Los Angeles.[45] In order to find them, Cannonball and Magik sought help with Lila Cheney, meeting her bodyguard, the blockbuster Guido Carosella, and the pop singer with light-based powers known as the Dazzler, who had previous experience with the Arena. Together, they infiltrated the deadly organization.[46] Simultaneously, Xavier sensed Beyonder arriving on Earth and, being incapacitated, asked his archenemy Magneto to take care of his students. Magneto invaded the Arena, requesting the mutants to join them for protection. Sunspot and Magma chose to stay, knowing the Arena's criminal operations should be stopped.[47] The other New Mutants joined the X-Men in fighting Thundersword, when the Beyonder intervened, corrupting Magik and making her succumb to her Darkchylde side and trapping the New Mutants, the Dazzler, Kitty Pryde and Rachel Summers in Limbo.[47] Pryde restored Magik with her own Soulsword and led another rescue attempt. Dazzler and Pryde infiltrated the Gladiators, learning that the Arena rulers threatened loner runaways. The manager of the Arena corrupted Dazzler, captured Pryde[48] and revealed herself to be Karma. After making way through the Gladiators, the New Mutants were in shock when confronting a morbidly obese and vile Karma, who managed to disappear.[49]

Folling Karma to Madripoor, the New Mutants were apprehended. Immune to her telepathy, Magik and Moonstar escaped through timeline to Cairo, where Karma had another headquarters. After arriving to the present, they met up with the powerless X-Men leader Storm, who had been recruited by Warlock.[50] Storm knew Karma had been possessed by the vile Shadow King. After another rescue attempt was only partially successful, Magik turned all of her allies over to Karma, excepting Warlock,[51] who initially distrusted her but decided to help in the fight against Karma. They tricked the Shadow King and awakened Karma from the possession. Magik teleported the New Mutants and Storm to Limbo to free them, but Cypher was possessed. On the Astral Plane, Karma went to psychic war and recovered her soul from her aggressor.[52]

Storm took the New Mutants to enjoy a time-off on Kirinos to recuperate. The Asgardian God of Mischief Loki took a special interest in Storm and asked his ally, the Enchantress to fight the X-Men deliver Storm to him. The New Mutants resisted and she took them hostages instead. Magik tried to escape through teleportation, but the Enchantress' magic blocked it, which caused the other New Mutants to be scattered in time and space across Asgard, while Magik remained the Enchantress' prisoner, being tortured and having her Darkchylde identity materialized as an agent of Enchantress; Karma spent months in the desert, surviving to protect a young girl, which was in fact an illusion, and regaining her will to live to lose her excessive weight; Wolfsbane was attacked by Giants, teaming up and falling in love with the wolf-prince Hrimhari; Cypher was humiliated into serving a tavern; Warlock was observed by the Goddess of Death Hela; boosted by the mystic sun of Asgard, Sunspot built a reputation as a charming hero alongside the Warriors Three; Magma was seduced by Fairies into becoming one of them; as a miner, Cannonball earned the respect of the Dwarves ruled by Eitri; and Moonstar made a bond with a flying horse named Brightwind after rescuing her from barbed ropes and mire in which it was trapped, unknowingly becoming a Valkyrie. Through a series of misadventures involving the corrupted Darkchylde, the New Mutants reassembled. On Limbo, Magik, who had broken free, defeated the Enchantress and left her to be tortured by S'ym.[53]

Storm was still under Loki's power, being reempowered by the Stormcaster, crafted with the New Mutants' assistance by Eitri. Sensing Magik's distress through the hidden action of the Queen of the Norns Karnilla, Pryde led the X-Men to Asgard to join the New Mutants in releasing Storm. Loki captured some members of both teams and a battle ensued to free the mutants to prevent Loki from ascending to the throne of Asgard. Storm slayed the X-Man Wolverine, which broke Loki's control over her. Storm fired at Hela, who wanted to claim her teammate's soul. Confronting Loki, Pryde threatened him of calling on the Asgardians who usually defeat him for his actions. Loki returned all mutants to Earth the way they had arrived, excepting Karma, who kept her current weight. The Valkyries did not let Moonstar leave their clan or depart without Brightwind. Loki teleported the New Mutants and X-Men to Xavier in Paris, where Magneto stood trial at the International Court for his past crimes as a terrorist.[54] The supremacist Fenris twins attacked, seeking revenge on Xavier, Magneto and Haller for their father's defeat by them decades in the past. The X-Men refused to let the New Mutants go into action. Although the Fenris were defeated and Magneto pardoned, Xavier's injuries forced him to go to space with his lover Majestrix Lilandra of the Shi'ar and the Starjammers to recover. Before departing, he implored Magneto to take over the School as headmaster and teach the New Mutants in his name. Magneto agreed, and took on the alias of a cousin of Xavier, which Charles had set up for this eventuality.[55]

Headmaster Magneto[]

Back at the mansion, the New Mutants were skeptical of being educated by Magneto, but decided to give him a chance after he roughed-up fraternity men who tried to assault Moonstar on her way home from town.[56] Tragedy soon laid upon Magneto's class. The Beyonder contacted Magik, taking her as a disciple and cleansing her soul of Darkchylde. Pryde inherited her mystic artifacts, making her a victim of demons who escaped from Limbo and wanted to create a Bloodgem from her soul. Magik rejected the Beyonder, regaining her powers and darkness to free Pryde.[57] Sunspot was spiritually tormented by the Beyonder as well and returned to Brazil, effectively leaving the New Mutants. This proved to save his life since Moonstar experienced a vision of imminent death for the New Mutants. The Beyonder arrived, easily slaughtering the New Mutants and erasing them from reality.[58] Resurrected as emotionless slaves to fight other super-heroes for the Beyonder, the New Mutants witnessed their master fail.[59] Though freed, they were deeply traumatized, left uncaring and unmotivated, with nightmares of repeated deaths. Emma Frost used Empath's powers to manipulate Magneto into feeling helpless in order to have him transfer the apathetic New Mutants to her Massachusetts Academy, which he did in hopes of her providing therapy. Moonstar and Warlock declined, for as a Valkyrie and an alien they still had emotional breakthroughs.[59]

Frost inducted them into the Hellions, using her telepathy over the next weeks to modify their memories so they could function again, but they were still having nightmares. Magneto was told by the very distressed Corsi and Friedlander about Empath and furiously went after his students. Sensing his intentions, she called the sheriff,[60] who alerted the Avengers to fight Magneto when he arrived with Warlock. Magneto evaded the Avengers after the other New Mutants demonstrated to support him. Together, over the next few days, Magneto worked with Frost to help the New Mutants deal emotionally with their experiences. The New Mutants ultimately decided to return to Xavier's School, but started to see Frost and her Hellions as rivals, not enemies.[61] Sunspot returned to Xavier's, being shocked when updated about what had transpired. He was particularly interested in getting revenge against Empath for having molested Corsi and Friedlander. The New Mutants haunted Empath, triggering the Hellions to rescue their teammate even though they despised him. The New Mutants and the Hellions came to an agreement after realizing that being aggressive to Empath made them no better than him.[62] Soon after, with Wolfsbane visiting Moira on the Muir Island, they were attacked by Legion, who escaped when experiencing turmoil in his personalities. Moonstar felt Wolfsbane's distress and gathered the New Mutants to stop him, in hopes of protecting the young.[63]

Back to America, Sunspot and Wolfsbane were dazzled by the TV show, the Wildways. He contacted the hosts to be part of it and they were kidnapped by the insane Mojo and his slave sorceress Spiral, who came from the deranged television realm of Mojoworld. Alongside Karma's younger siblings Leong and Nga and the Bratpack, the Wildways were aged to adulthood. The New Mutants attempted to rescue their missing teammates, being attacked by the Wildways in the process. As the New Mutants were also aged up and brainwashed to join the Wildways, Cypher and Warlock ran away, running across the hero Captain Britain, who had been turned into a child by Mojo. Another prisoner of Mojo was Captain Britain's sister, the telepath Psylocke, who monitored the Wildways and was eventually released by Cypher and Warlock. This led to Mojo's and Spiral's defeat and the New Mutants' freedom and return to their proper selves.[64] After this adventure, when monitoring Magneto and the X-Men train in the Danger Room, the New Mutants witnessed the mysterious Longshot appear out of thin air boobytrapped with a strange substance that transformed all of those training there into children, the X-Babies. Cypher linked the effect to Mojo and Spiral, but the unreasonable X-Babies attacked the New Mutants before they could take action against the real masterminds behind the crisis. The New Mutants took up the role of graduated X-Men to go after the X-Babies in Mojoworld, breaking them free from the villains' control. Together, the two teams ended up battling and defeating Mojo. With her master incapacitated, Spiral was forced to return the mutants home. The New Mutants proudly returned their graduation costumes.[65]

Death surrounded the New Mutants. First, when an acquaintance, Larry Bodine committed suicide fearing the mutant hunters from X-Factor would capture him.[66] Then, the Morlocks were massacred by the deadly Marauders and Magneto and the X-Men intervened. Many of the victims were brought to Xavier's School, prompting Magik to teleport to Muir Island to recruit Moira to tend their wounds. In desperation, the New Mutants watched in horror the pain of their species. Simultaneously, Magik helped Karma look for her missing siblings in her apartment, only for the New Mutants find the place destroyed and the children truly gone. Before they could take action, they were attacked by Warlock's murderous progenitor Magus.[67] Magik retreated to Limbo, but the villain followed them, infecting the hellish dimension with the Transmode Virus and forcing the New Mutants to escape through the past, when they allied themselves with Robert the Bruce.[68] Unfortunately, when attempting to return, they were thrown into alternate futures. In one of them, mutants were oppressed, and Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Karma and Magma teamed up with a future version of themselves.[69] In another one, Cypher, Warlock, Mirage and Cannonball met mutant supremacy, joining the resistance led by Katie Power.[70] Magik struggled by herself in the present to recover her realm from Magus' influence, eventually escaping and meeting Professor Xavier and the Starjammers galaxies away from Earth. He returned to Limbo with her to find an infected S'ym, who had allied himself with Magus. S'ym escaped with plans of corrupting Limbo, and Magik made the difficult choice of letting him go in order to rescue her teammates from the futures they had been trapped in. Back to the present and to outer space, the New Mutants were reassembled and, with the Starjammers' help, confronted a near omnipotent Magus, allowing Cypher and Warlock to ultimately sabotage his systems to put him out of commission.[71]

The Shi'ar space proved to be a dangerous location for the New Mutants, prompting Xavier to force Magik to teleport them home, contrary to her wishes of not accessing Limbo again. While they were gone, Magneto forged an alliance with the Hellfire Club, becoming their White King.[72] With their return, he disciplined them for their behavior by having them grounded[73] and unsure of his methods contacted Moira for council. During a soccer match, an enraged Sunspot hurt Cannonball, being reprimanded by his colleagues for his short temper. After reading Magneto's notes about his behaviour, Sunspot ran away from the School, followed by Warlock.[74] Together, they joined a gang of mutant misfits led by the thief Vanisher.[75] They attended a gala party of the Hellfire Club, where old animosities against the new Black Queen Selene and the Hellions emerged. To settle the differences between the two groups of students, they proposed a secret contest to find the responsible for introducing a forgery of a statue of Selene into the Hellfire Club.[76] The scammers were identified by the two teams to be the Viper and the Silver Samurai, with the Hellions outperforming the New Mutants and being successful in apprehending them. Karma chose to abandon the New Mutants during the caper, in order to look for her missing siblings by herself.[77]

After going to party with Lila Cheney, where Cannonball was drugged and kidnapped by some of her enemies led by the flying Raek, but saved by the New Mutants,[78] the team focused on saving a mysterious boy, and a possible mutant named Bird-Brain, who had been arrested by local authorities. The Hellions had took the same mission for themselves and, once again, the two teams clashed with each other to recruit the creature. Though the New Mutants were successful, this adventure led Magma to leave the team to join the Massachusetts Academy as a Hellion.[79] The savage Bird-Brain could not adjust to the human world, and Magneto decided to turn him over to the authorities that had him. However, Cypher communicated with him and learned he was the result of an experiment.[80] Disobeying Magneto, the New Mutants investigated Bird-Brain's origins and accompanied him to the island he came from,[81] since he wanted to save his companions, the Ani-Mates. Their vile creator, the Ani-Mator, who was associated with the anti-mutant organization known as the Right, captured the New Mutants who had invaded his headquarters.[82] Cypher was able to convince the Ani-Mates into releasing the New Mutants, who could not find Magneto for help. They still managed to defeat the Ani-Mator, but reinforcements came in the form of the Right's leader, Cameron Hodge. In the ensuing fight, the New Mutants were rejoined by Sunspot and Warlock, who wished to help their friends. Not having a physical power, Cypher put himself away from danger, until he realized the Ani-Mator aimed a gun at Wolfsbane; he hurled into the way to protect her and was shot to death. The Right retreated, and the New Mutants only realized their teammate had fallen after the battle was over.[83] As an immediate response, Magik succumbed to anger and decided to trap soldiers of the Right in Limbo, which was gradually being overtaken by the techno-organic S'ym. To make matters worse, the X-Men fell when warring against the Adversary. Magneto and the New Mutants engaged in a debate about their safety, damaging their relationship. With the X-Men gone, the New Mutants rejected Magneto and chose to act as super-heroes by themselves.[84]

Dark Children[]

Magik blamed the inventor Forge for the death of the X-Men and had the New Mutants' help in an attempt to kill him in Dallas, Texas. Instead, they were intercepted the government agents of Freedom Force. Their seer Destiny accused Magik of being involved in a dreadful demonic invasion in the future.[85] In her bloodlust, Magik found Forge, but the New Mutants worried about her succumbing to a dark path of revenge. On Limbo, the New Mutants were able to convince her to spare his life, with Moonstar casting an illusion that demonstrated her imminent transformation into the Darkchylde.[86] Back home, they eavesdropped a conversation between Magneto and Frost, learning that Magma had been kidnapped during a trip to Nova Roma. She had been captured by the High Evolutionary's Gatherers for being judged to be a dangerous mutant. The New Mutants found her and, amidst the fight, spotted Magneto and the Hellfire Club. They chose to run away without letting their teacher identify them, escalating their schism.[87]

Not long after this, Illyana accidently called a demon posing as Baba Yaga from her mind while working on a class assignment. While Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Mirage and Warlock were captured by the hag and her minions, the former planning to eat them, Illyana managed to escape to Limbo. As she couldn't save her friends directly, Illyana decided to contact the spirit of her seemingly deceased brother, Colossus for help. A few days later, due to 'Baba Yaga' feeding them, the five New Mutants had gained an enormous amount of weight. Peter, who was really alive like the other 'deceased' X-Men, arrived via a portal, convincing Illyana her spell had worked. Upon arriving at the mansion, Colossus found the five NMs and managed to save them, with Illyana undoing 'Baba Yaga's' damage, restoring the mansion and her enormously obese friends back to normal. [88]

The alien slaver Spyder claimed property on Lila Cheney and captured her during one of her concerts. A desperate Cannonball had the New Mutants intervene, but they were unable to prevent her kidnapping. Mysteriously, one of Spyder's slaves, the girl Gosamyr, approached the New Mutants, asking for help in getting her family freed from him in exchange for helping them find Cheney. The New Mutants were suspicious of this oddly convenient situation, but Sunspot became infatuated with Gosamyr and immediately vouched for her.[89] In a spaceship Gosamyr had stolen, the New Mutants tracked Spyder. However, Gosamyr's presence destabilized their emotions.[90] Trapped in the Spyder's lair, the New Mutants warred against his lackeys. During the battle, Warlock, who was immune to Gosamyr's influence, convinced Magik to oppose her and force her to lead the group to Cheney, which cost Magik more of her control over her dark persona.[91] Gosamyr rebelled against her captor to help the New Mutants, but Spyder transformed her family members into monstrous creatures to end her and the New Mutants. Lila Cheney sacrificed herself to destroy the monsters, much to Cannonball's despair. In order to escape Spyder's forces, Magik tried to teleport the New Mutants to Earth, but S'ym managed to trap them in Limbo, consolidating his victory over the control of Limbo.[92]

As part of his plan, S'ym also wished to subdue Earth. He joined forces with a rival, the wizard N'astirh, to merge the domains of Limbo with Earth. N'astirh's ritual involved sacrificing several mutant babies he had his minions capture. The kidnappings caught the attention of X-Factor's young mutant protégés, the X-Terminators.[93] Meanwhile, the New Mutants struggled against S'ym in Limbo. N'astirh offered them help, and Magik was tricked by him into reacquiring her Soulsword and return to Earth; in doing this, she was fully transformed into the Darkchylde and unwillingly led a horde of demons to New York City, igniting a demonic inferno.[94] In their war against N'astirh, the New Mutants were joined by the X-Terminators on Earth, making imperative to rescue the kidnapped infants. They were able to get hold of the babies, but N'astirh was infected by the transmode virus in the process, becoming a techno-organic creature just like S'ym and gaining advantage against the Darkchylde.[95][96] While the Darkchylde battled S'ym, the New Mutants watched in horror Magneto and the Hellfire Club discussing a pact with N'astirh. In order to torment the Darkchilde, S'ym had his demons retrieve Colossus, who was alive in secret just like the other X-Men. During the convoluted battle, the New Mutants helped the Darkchylde, who travelled through time to collect a past version of herself prior to her demonic corruption. By sacrificing her own existence, the Darkchylde eliminated her influence on Limbo and the demonic invasion was stopped. Paradoxically, the child version of Magik, a young and innocent Illyana Rasputin, emerged from the Darkchylde's death.[97]

Doug's death and Illyana's sacrifice have drove Magneto far away from his students as he blamed himself for his death as well as Humans (Homo sapiens). The New Mutants were left without a headquarters of their own and lived temporarily at X-Factor's. Tabitha Smith, Rictor, Rusty Collins and Skids joined the team when the X-Terminators and the New Mutants merged.[98]

When Hela attempted to take over Asgard, Dani and the other Valkyrie were infected with a mystical fever. Hela planned to use Moonstar to gather humans to her forces to defeat Thor. Transported back to Asgard, Moonstar fell under the sway of Hela and nearly killed Odin. Hela was defeated by the combined forces of the New Mutants and the Asgardians, and the New Mutants were returned to Earth; all except Moonstar who chose to stay behind, hoping to repair the damage as a Valkyrie.[99]

Cable and X-Force[]

Cable took command of the New Mutants to guide Cannonball's ascension into the Externals.[100]

The New Mutants were captured by the X-Men's enemy Cameron Hodge and taken to the island of Genosha,[101] a mutant-repressive nation with advanced anti-mutant technology. Hodge had developed a cybernetic body and attempted to siphon off Warlock's shape-shifting power so he could change his robotic body at will. Hodge was confronted by the combined might of the X-Men and New Mutants, while Warlock was still imprisoned. Although Hodge's plan was thwarted by the New Mutant Wolfsbane, Warlock appeared to have died, his energies leeched from him, reducing him to ashes. Later, Warlock's ashes were scattered over the grave of Doug Ramsey.[102]

When Sunspot's father died (killed by the External Gideon), Bobby went with Gideon, who was an old friend, to take over his father's business.[103] Gideon, however, was looking for the next External, mistakenly thinking that it was Sunspot.[104] With the addition of Feral, Shatterstar, and Warpath, the team reorganized into the original X-Force under Cable.[5][105]

For detailed information about Cable's revamped version of the outlaw team, see X-Force

The legacy of the New Mutants also survived in the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. Years after their disbandment, Moonstar supervised her own group of students who she named after her original team as the New Mutants Squad.[106]

For detailed information about Moonstar's group of students, see New Mutants Squad

Fall and Rise of the New Mutants[]

With the X-Men relocated to San Francisco, many of the former New Mutants operated there: Karma and Cannonball acted as X-Men;[107] Moonstar and Sunspot taught a group of younger mutants;[108] and Magma focused on taking care of Empath, who had been incarcerated by the X-Men. In this setting, reports of a mutant emerging in Westcliffe, Colorado, prompted X-Men leader Cyclops to send Karma and Moonstar to investigate. A recently resurrected Magik happened upon the X-Men alerting them that Karma and Moonstar faced extreme danger. Thus, Cyclops gave Cannonball permission to assemble an X-Men team formed by the former New Mutants living in San Francisco to rescue them.[6]

In Westcliffe, the New Mutants learned the potential mutant was a little girl named Marci Sabol. Cannonball and Sunspot found Karma's catatonic body in a bar, but her consciousness was trapped in Legion's body, who was kept caged in Sabol's house and found by Magik and Magma.[6] The personalities in Legion's body wanted to kill Moonstar for her participation in having defeated him in the past; this led Cannonball and Sunspot to fight Legion.[109] Moonstar was in a jail cell from where Cannonball had refused to get her freed in hopes of keeping her safe, since she no longer had mutant powers as a result of the mutant decimation. His decision actually facilitated Legion to harm her, though she was saved by Magma and Magik, with the latter choosing to enter Legion's psyche to stop him.[110] As the New Mutants resisted Legion physically, Magik was able to cruelly subdue him and recover Karma. The X-Men arrived on the scene and restrained Legion. Although the New Mutants acted dysfunctionally under Cannonball's leadership, they managed to survive the lethal encounter and get Cyclops' respect and recognition.[111]

The X-Men went to war against the forces of Norman Osborn. To defeat the god Ares, who was a member of Osborn's Avengers, Moonstar made a deal with Hela in Las Vegas to become a Valkyrie again[112][113] and defeat Ares alongside Brightwind. Ultimately, mutantkind thrived against Osborn and left the United States, setting home in a new island-nation called Utopia.[114] In their new home, the New Mutants worked for their official recognition as an X-Men team, when Cannonball requested not to include Moonstar in the roster. She challenged him to a duel, and they came to an understanding during their fight: the depowered Moonstar would join Cannonball's team and be treated as an equal.[115]

Utopia was soon targeted by the witch Selene, who used the Transmode Virus to resurrect many deceased mutants as her slaves. Cypher was one these mutants and was ordered to kill Magma. He was able to brutally maim Magma, causing the New Mutants to counter attack him. The battle was interrupted by Warlock, who in an attempt to save Cypher was violently damaged by him as well.[116] The Hellions were then assigned to retrieve Cypher, who was resisting Selene's control due to Warlock's intervention. The New Mutants split up to fight the Hellions to rescue Cypher as well as bring Magma to Utopia's infirmary. In the end, the New Mutants were victorious, and Warlock, who had repaired himself, used Magik's Soulsword to purge the Transmode infection from Cypher.[117]

As Magma, Cypher and Warlock recovered from their injuries, Magik revealed to Emma Frost her true condition as a soulless creature who had traveled back in time to strengthen the X-Men to prevent the the Elder Gods from Limbo from ascending and consuming reality.[118] The other New Mutants battled the Savage Land Mutates who believed Utopia had been founded by Magneto. This mission led Cyclops to consider Moonstar a possible replacement for himself as a future leader of mutantkind.[119] Meanwhile, Moonstar had her own agenda, being summoned by Hela to pay her favor. During Osborn's siege of Asgard, she gathered the spirits of the warriors who had fallen in battle and protected them from the vile Dísir; the other New Mutants were not fully aware of this adventure of hers while they enjoyed a free time in Las Vegas.[120]

When Cable came from the future with Hope, the first mutant born after the mutant decimation, the New Mutants were tasked by Cyclops to strategically wait for orders in the Midwest. On the other hand, Magik was moved to the main X-Men team to directly track Cable and Hope, who were being hunted by Bastion's Human Council.[121] The New Mutants targeted Cameron Hodge and his Right to prevent them from joining the rest of the Human Council. During the battle, Karma was seriously wounded by Hodge, who piloted an strong mechanical body. Simultaneously, Magik was banished to Limbo by the Purifiers.[122] Cypher convinced Warlock to consume the lifeforce of the soldiers in order to allow the New Mutants to escape, which proved to be a traumatic experience for him.[123] Partially thanks to their effort, Hope was taken to Utopia. There, Madison Jeffries treated Karma and eventually developed a prosthetic leg for her. Cannonball gathered a new team of X-Men to retrieve Magik from Limbo, being teleported by a reluctant Pixie, who had been manipulated by Magik in the past.[124] They unexpectedly battled N'astirh and Gambit's corrupting Death persona, but, specially due to Pixie's actions, Magik was saved and the enemies were subdued.[125] Meanwhile, on Utopia, Moonstar confronted Hope, claiming mutant lives were placed in danger because of her.[126] Utopia was soon trapped inside an energy dome by Bastion[127] and Cypher went with X-Force to the future to destroy the Sentinel machine system that kept sending Nimrods to kill Hope and the X-Men inside the impenetrable dome.[128][129][127] In the end, Hope's mutant powers brought mutantkind a win against the Human Council.[130]

Following the war for the life of Hope, Cannonball got the New Mutants a recreational leave to cope with the recent events. Magik secretly expected to be kidnapped by the initiative of U.S. soldiers known as Project Purgatory who had spent years on Limbo and wished to liberate the Elder Gods for their purposes. Instead, they apprehended Pixie, which prompted Magik to interrupt their vacation and take the New Mutants to the temporally unstable Limbo in order to acquire time to oppose Project Purgatory. After weeks, the New Mutants arrived at Project Purgatory's base, where they attempted to extract a Bloodgem from Pixie's soul. There, the New Mutants were attacked by the mutant babies they had rescued from N'Astirh during Madelyne Pryor's demonic invasion years before. Raised in Limbo, the babies grew up to become vicious mutants compliant to Project Purgatory, known as the "Inferno Babies".[131] The New Mutants were easily defeated and tortured by the Inferno Babies.[132] From Magik and Pixie, Project Purgatory were able to complete the Bloodgem amulet to open a path to the Elder Gods.[133]

However, Karma was able to telepathically commune with one of the Inferno Babies, the sensory deprived Face, which allowed her and Magik to defeat some of their enemies and return to Utopia.[133] There, Magik assembled an army of X-Men and finally revealed to Karma her true plans of freeing Legion's insane personality to weaponize his volatile reality-shaping abilities. She had been originally responsible for his return in order to erase the Elder Gods from existence. On Limbo, the New Mutants were able to violently escape their oppressors by killing many of them, but could not prevent the Elder Gods from accessing Earth. Legion easily destroyed the demons out of gratitude for having been restored by Magik. Earth was saved, Magik and Pixie restored the missing parts of theirs souls and the New Mutants were able to recover after weeks of tortuous fights.[134] However, Magik's reckless actions earned her the distrust of the X-Men, who chose to keep her incarcerated, something she agreed with.[135]

Mutant Rescuers[]

Legion's return proved to be a dangerous act indeed, since he accidentally reshaped Utopia into the Fortress X, an altered pocket reality where Cannonball commanded the X-Men in the form of the Mutant Resistance and Moonstar had a Cadre that mirrored the New Mutants. The X-Men were able to overcome the illusion, revert the situation and defeat Legion, but in the process Cannonball realized his inefficiency as a leader.[136] This prompted him to step down from the team. Karma also decided to leave in order to take care of Face. Moonstar believed this to be the end of the New Mutants, but Cyclops chose to reshape the group as a rescue unit to bring loner mutants to Utopia, having Moonstar as the leader of the operation. The team was constantly evaluated by the therapist Gus Grim.[135][137]

Their first mission was to rescue Nate Grey, the X-Man, an alternate version of Cable who had been tortured by Norman Osborn during his rule. X-Man was kept by the vile Sugar Man in the Omega Machine, a power siphoning mechanism Osborn used. Sugar Man wished to travel back to their home dimension using its powers. The New Mutants were able to pinpoint their location, causing them to fight the Sugar Man and his artificially-empowered Mutates.[138] Moonstar personally dealt with the Sugar Man, preventing his escape. She chose to hand him to Osborn's replacement, the former Captain America Commander Steve Rogers. Although heavily underpowered, X-Man was safe and moved to Utopia with the New Mutants.[139]

Soon after, Earth was attacked by the Asgardian God of Fear, who had mystically empowered villains to combat the world's heroes. Juggernaut marched to Utopia, leading Cyclops to propose numerous plans to defeat him.[140] One of his plans was having Moonstar contact Hela again, but Hela herself struggled with the war by having her domain Hel invaded by the ravenous soul-eating Draumar. Moonstar was unwillingly recruited by Hela, and, as the other New Mutants realized she had gone missing, they visited Magik in her cell for help. Magik provided Cypher with a teleportation spell to travel to Hel and rescue their teammate. Unfortunately, he mistranslated the spell and had the New Mutants arrive in Hell,[141] where Mephisto agreed to transport them to their required destination on one condition: a date with Magma, something she agreed with.[142] Some time later, she honored her promise and enjoyed a pleasant date with him.[143] Reunited with Moonstar, the New Mutants resisted the Draumar and ultimately found Hela's corpse.[144] Having returned Hela's soul to her revived body, the New Mutants were boosted by a portion of her power in order to hold off the Draumar, which were shown to have an aversion to Warlock's unfamiliar extraterrestrial technology. This led X-Man to propose Hela to show the creatures his own life history, which caused them to vaporized due to the clash with the alien unknown information. With her realm once again under her control Hela thanked the New Mutants and transported them back home safely.[145]

Due to the ideological schism that separated the X-Men in two teams, one lead by Cyclops on Utopia and the other by Wolverine in Westchester, the New Mutants choose to continue to work with Cyclops since he had put faith in their operation. Instead of living on Utopia with the other X-Men, the New Mutants decided to live together in an apartment in San Francisco in an attempt to have an integrated existence with human society.[146] The group was tasked with finding Blink, one of Selene's former lackeys. The linked the wayward mutant to the source of several natural disasters.[147] She informed the New Mutants that she had been tracking the heavy metal band Diskhord, who triggered the events during their performances, putting many people at risk in the process.[148] Cypher came into contact with an inter-universal entity that the band empowered with chaos energy generated from their activities. As Magma prevented them from causing an earthquake in Chicago, the New Mutants knock the members of the band out and released the alien entity in outer space. In the end, Blink chose to move to the mutant community in Westchester.[149]


Experiencing nightmares about his death at the hands of the Ani-Mator, Cypher had the New Mutants' help in confronting the cause of his demise. In the Paradise island, they were attacked by an undead Bird-Brain, which caused them to be plagued by a local virus and prompt Warlock to quarantine them.[150] Making their way through other Ani-Mates, they found the Ani-Mator's laboratory in hopes of accessing a cure. However, the virus was revealed to host the Ani-Mator's consciousness and attacked the team.[151] Cypher and Warlock merged to combat the contaminant Ani-Mator. With the experience of having contacted the entity Diskhord transported, Cypher used the Transmode virus to erase the Ani-Mator's sentience. The island of Paradise was cleaned of the Ani-Mator's influence, the New Mutants returned home and Cypher came to terms with his death and resurrection.[152]

Loki and Hela's servant Leah distributed the litter of Hel-Hounds, one of the puppies was intended to be given to Moonstar, but Warlock secretly took care of the puppy without the New Mutants' knowledge.[153] At the same time, one of the New Mutants' neighbor was in fact the lost Asgardian hero Sigurd the Everglorious, who was aware of the puppy being adopted. Attracting the New Mutants' suspicions, he was confronted by Moonstar, who he recognized as a Valkyrie. Simultaneously, the Dísir, who had been tortured by Mephisto, managed to escape and hunt Sigurd down, for they wished for revenge against him for having abandoned them and having caused All-Father Bor to turn them into cannibalistic ghosts. The commotion prompted the New Mutants, Hela, Tyr, Loki, Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three to intervene. Sigurd cast a spell that trapped all the deities there in an illusion where they lived normal lives in the neighborhood the New Mutants resided.[154]

The New Mutants realized the situation after crossing paths with a brainwashed Thor living as a mechanic. In their investigation, they found Loki and were able to break him free of the illusion. Having teamed up with Loki, they were able to locate Sigurd, who claimed to be unable to counter the spell.[155] The New Mutants helped Loki prepare a spell to revert the condition, but it backfired since he was still under the illusion and only pretended to have been awoken. Their intervention only set the Dísir loose on Earth to feast on whoever they wanted.[156] The Dísir's vicious attack triggered Loki, Leah and Hela to recover their memories. Once more empowered by Hela, the New Mutants were able to subdue the Dísir.[157] To break Bor's curse, Sigurd was to marry the Dísir, with the New Mutants helping to arrange the ceremony. However, Moonstar opposed to their tragic fate of being forcibly wed and chose to challenge Bor for the Dísir's freedom. The New Mutants joined her, but, as Bor and the Dísir retreated to Hel, Moonstar followed him. Attacked by the deadly Dísir, Bor was convinced by Moonstar and Loki to break their curse. Hela took the restored Dísir as her warriors and, once again, thanked the New Mutants for their contribution by breaking Sigurd's spell.[158]

Alerted by Doctor Strange about an imminent cosmic disturbance related to their team, the New Mutants visited Westchester to check on Cannonball and Karma, only to witness them vanish mysteriously.[159] Transported by Blink, the New Mutants tracked their former members to the ruins of the last Diskhord concert site, but found future versions of Cannonball and Karma infected by the Technarchy instead. Upon their interaction, the New Mutants were introduced to a future version of Cypher, the Truefriend, who cruelly had hold of Cannonball and Karma.[160] Trufriend revealed that the contact with the inter-universal alien device had expanded his comprehension of reality to the point he weaponized Warlock to have absolute control over the world. The New Mutants were able to return him to his proper timeline and recover Cannonball and Karma, but they also started to fear Cypher's potential ascension as a dictator.[161] In fact, the New Mutants realized Truefriend's reality had actually been supplanting their own due to a series of bizarre and incoherent situations taking place.[162] Truefriend's undead Hellions and the New Mutants fought each other during an attempt to prevent Cypher from sacrificing himself to restore the timeline, which led him to be replaced by Truefriend.[163] With her Valkyrie abilities, Moonstar was immune to the corruption and directly confronted Truefriend, who attempted to eliminate the past and ensure his dystopic reality's existence. Moonstar was able to restore the original Cypher within Truefriend, ending him. In the end, Doctor Strange purged Cypher from any influence of Diskhord's inter-universal device.[164]

Following the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, Utopia fell and the New Mutants no longer answered to Cyclops. During a party thrown to their friends, Warlock's friend Tyro arrived with problems with his murderous and infectious progenitor Siredam. The New Mutants subdued him alongside their allies, and Cypher was able to rewrite Tyro's faulty code and stop Siredam. The New Mutants then enjoyed the rest of their party time. Afterwards, the team disbanded, with its members having independent adventures of their own.[165]

Dead Souls[]

Having inherited the Hatchi Corporation, Karma used her resources to perform paranormal investigations.[166] However, she had been influenced by the soul of her dead twin brother Tran having abandoned her body. In one of her first operations, an obsessive Karma sent Moonstar to a mission where the remnants of Warlock were found and inadvertently had her infected with the Transmode virus. In secret, Karma hid the infected Moonstar away.[167] Months later, Karma reestablished the New Mutants as a group working for her company. Having Magik as a leader, the unit counted with Rictor, Boom-Boom, Wolfsbane and Strong Guy as field agents with Prodigy providing intel support.[166]

When handling a zombie outbreak in a Hatchi Corporation Relief Center in Alabama after a flood, the New Mutants learned that an undead witch was the source of the problem since a member of Karma's response team had stolen a ring off of her corpse. After confronting the thief, Magik made amends with the witch, but Karma confronted her over the mission's resolution.[166] In a subsequent assignment, the New Mutants investigated an incident regarding a Frost Giant in an abandoned facility in Antarctica. While defeating the Frost Giant in combat, Magik discovered that Tran had a bunch of miners excavate mystic Norse relics in the location.[168] While on a mission against Mindless Ones, the New Mutants were contacted by Prodigy, who was on board of a hijacked airplane. Magik transported the team to his location and fought through possessed passengers. Upon learning from Prodigy that the culprit was the pilot, Magik confronted him in the cockpit and learned him to be Tran. He trapped Magik in an illusion, from which she realized Karma had been keeping secrets. After Magik broke free from it, Tran had no choice but to escape. The airplane was ultimately saved by Magik.[169]

Following Tran's lead, Magik took the New Mutants on a clandestine mission to Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, where they split up. Wolfsbane and Strong Guy made amends over the sorrowful death of her son; Boom-Boom slacked around; Magik was provoked by a Tran-possessed Strange into succumbing to her Darkchylde form to be feared by her teammates with no success; and Rictor met back up with the team with the artifact that allowed Tran to regain a body. To prevent the villain's escape, Strong Guy grappled him as Magik banished both to Limbo.[170] Mistrusting Karma, Magik focused on investigating Moonstar's disappearance by herself. She then confronted Karma about Hatchi's odd interest in gathering magical artifacts and in associating herself with the anti-mutant O*N*E. As Magik summoned Tran from Limbo, Karma possessed her and forced her to kill him to reabsorb his essence. Magik and the New Mutants retaliated, but Karma was protected by Moonstar and a team of Technarchy copies of the New Mutants. Wolfsbane was infected, prompting Magik to warp Rictor, Boom-Boom and Shatterstar out of the fight, but brought out Strong Guy from Limbo to help. Both of them were also consumed by Warlock. Tran took control of Karma and contacted O*N*E's director General Callahan to weaponize the New Mutants for their interests. After that, Magik infected and subdued Karma with the Transmode virus.[167]

The New Mutants were kept imprisoned in O*N*E captivity[171] being subjected to weaponizing experiments that created Transmode-based Sentinels. They were commanded by Callahan to capture Emma Frost and force her into his service.[172] Eventually, after the apparent demise of the X-Men and most of their associates, the mutants arrested by O*N*E, including the New Mutants, were liberated by Cyclops and Wolverine, who had orchestrated a prison break. Strong Guy perished in battle, sacrificing himself to allow his friends to escape.[173] Recruited into the X-Men, the New Mutants decided to help dealing with mutant-related problems. The X-Men's first target was the vile McCoy,[174] who purged the New Mutants from the Transmode infection by reforming Warlock, a process that restored Moonstar's mutant powers.[175] Meanwhile, Karma abandoned the team overcome by guilt due to her past actions as C.E.O of the Hatchi Corporation, but not before gifting the X-Men a suitable place to meet up.[176]

In a struggling period for mutants, the New Mutants were met with many casualties. Among the claimed lives were Sunspot during Malekith's invasion of Earth,[177] Wolfsbane at the hands of human haters;[178] Magik by succumbing to darkness after having lost her Soulsword. Frost contacted the X-Men to combat the anti-mutant sentiment enforced by O*N*E by telepathically erasing the concept of mutantkind from the minds of everybody in the world.[179] In this setting, Moonstar discussed with Cyclops the grief she felt for having lost her friends and blamed him for having reassembled the X-Men despite the warnings of the seer Blindfold. Warlock was the last casualty in order to deactivate Callahan's Sentinels. With Callahan defeated, the missing X-Men made it back from a pocket reality created by X-Man and reunited with Cyclops' team. Moonstar then informed Cyclops she knew that all of their deceased friends would eventually return.[180]

Space Adventure[]

In the mutant island-nation of Krakoa, which was founded by Professor, all deceased mutants could indeed be resurrected thanks to the work of the mutant circuit formed by the Five. The New Mutants were among the revived mutants in the Krakoan society and relocated to the Akademos Habitat, a community formed mostly by former students of Xavier's School as well as younger mutants in need of training. Sunspot and Moonstar invited a group of New Mutants under the premise of recruiting Cannonball from the Shi'ar space, where he lived with his family, to Krakoa. The team was joined by Magik, Karma, Wolfsbane, Cypher, Chamber and Mondo, being granted a ride by the Starjammers.[2]

Days later, they arrived in the secluded station of Benevolence, where the Starjammers had business in. The New Mutants, minus Sunspot, disobeyed orders of laying low and collected the artifact known as the King Egg. Their intervention sparked the ire of Shi'ar soldiers, who stroke back at them. The Starjammers chose to abandon the New Mutants believing to be in possession of the egg, which had been in fact usurped by Wolfsbane. Sunspot was kicked out of the Starjammers' spaceship, being in charge of getting the team free of the Shi'ar legal system.[2] His lawyer then contacted Cannonball, who had his wife, the Imperial Guardswoman Smasher, bail the New Mutants out. In return, the Shi'ar throne assigned the New Mutants to escort the lethal Deathbird to council the new Majestrix of the Empire Xandra.[181]

Not agreeing with Xandra being on the throne, counselor Oracle assigned the Death Commandos to finish Deathbird and the New Mutants. Upon contact with the New Mutants, many of the Commandos were immediately murdered by Magik[182] and, with Deathbird's help, the New Mutants defeated all of them and seized their spacecraft to return to the throneworld of Chandilar. There, Deathbird attacked Oracle for her betrayal, prompting the Praetor Gladiator to direct the Imperial Guard against the New Mutants. Xandra interrupted the fight and solved matters by taking both Deathbird and Oracle as her mentors. In the end, Mondo planted a teleporting Gateway flower to link Krakoa to Chandilar, allowing mutants to instantly access Shi'ar space.[183]

After returning from space, Wolfsbane took the King Egg to Akademos. Its presence attracted a swarm of Brood to Krakoa. When visiting the New Mutants, the former X-Men student and Brood mutant Broo alerted them of its disruptive properties. The New Mutants combated the Brood on Krakoa while Cyclops and his family took the King Egg to outer space, being followed by the Brood.[184] Sunspot was contacted by the Starjammers, who were in a bad situation with their contractor, a Kree Accuser who wished to control the Brood with the King Egg. The whole crisis ended when Broo consumed the King Egg and ascended as the ruler of the hive mind of the Brood.[185]

Lost Mutants[]

Simultaneously, Armor wished to establish a rescuing unit on Earth, counting with Glob Herman, the empathic twins Maxime and Manon to bring former Xavier Instute's students Beak and Angel to Krakoa. In Nebraska, Beak and Angel lived in a farmhouse with their children and Beak's parents. Since his father succumbed to a degenerating illness, he refused to move to Krakoa. However, Armor treated the sick man with Krakoan medicines and cured him. Before they could depart, they were restrained by the Bohem Cartel, criminals who wished to acquire Krakoan drugs.[186] After days of them being kept hostages, Boom-Boom arrived on the scene.[186] The New Mutants were able to escape the Cartel, though at the cost of Beak's parent's lives. Maxime and Manon tampered with the memories of Beak's family to ease their mourning process, much to Armor's discontentment.[187] The New Mutants then traveled to Brazil, since the community of Nova Roma informed Magma that the Brazilian government used savage beasts created by Doctor Barrington to hunt mutants down and prevent them from reaching Krakoa. The New Mutants rescued a group of mutants in Brazil and took them to Krakoa in order to make up for the disaster involving the Bohem Cartel.[188]

Boom-Boom assembled Moonstar, Karma, Magma and Chamber to retrieve mutant girl in Carnelia, a nation that did not recognize mutants. However, the girl's powers involved unpredictable and nightmarish reality-shaping disturbances that trapped some of the New Mutants. Moonstar called Cypher for reinforcements and he, Wolfsbane, Mondo and Armor were joined by the former terrorist from the Mutant Liberation Front Wildside,[189] who was able to disrupt the disturbances.[190] Simultaneously, the New Mutants had to deal with the Carnelian government. In the end, the girl, who adopted the name Cosmar, was stabilized and Magik came to the New Mutants' rescue. In the process, Magik learned the website named DOX informed anti-mutant movements about the location of mutants and were involved in the incidents in Nebraska and Carnelia.[191] The New Mutants worked to interrupt the website's operations by exposing their identities.[192]

The New Mutants decided to give purpose to the inhabitants of Akademos, volunteering to guide the mutant youth. Magik, Moonstar, Karma, Wolfsbane, Jimmy Proudstar and Warlock where in charge of activities to train diverse groups in the use of their powers. A group of their protégés, known as the Lost Club secretly met up with the Shadow King in the Krakoan region of the Wild Hunt,[9] where they were manipulated through a series of lies. Meanwhile, the New Mutants celebrated Cypher's marriage to the Arakki warrior Bei, the Blood Moon. During the party, Lost Club member Cosmar asked Moonstar to be her partner in Crucible, the mutant deadly combat ritual that restored depowered mutants through resurrection. Moonstar argued that Cosmar could not go through Crucible since she had her powers active. Cosmar's intentions were to revert her condition as a mutant who had been disfigured by her powers. With their disagreement, the Shadow King managed to pull the younger generation represented by the Lost Club away from the New Mutants.[193]

Moonstar and Karma marched to the courts of Otherworld to rescue the mutant known as the Jersey Devil, but were captured by Merlyn in his Holy Republic of Fae due to Jamie Braddock's influence.[194] He had them invade his daughter Roma's Floating Kingdom and get him a piece of crockery he was found of. Roma let them go in exchange for a favor. After finding the Jersey Devil, Moonstar and Karma were told he actually wished to live in Otherworld to chart its regions. During their adventure, Wolfsbane, who still looked for her son, felt abandoned by Moonstar, allowing the Shadow King to approach her and convince her of joining him to mentor the Lost Club. Moreover, being in Otherworld allowed Karma to sense her twin brother Tran's presence again in the form of a white rabbit.[195] She had Moonstar as her partner in Crucible in order to resurrect Tran in an independent body.[196]

During the Hellfire Gala, Gabby Kinney was found dead by the Lost Club on Krakoa after confronting the Shadow King for manipulating her friends.[197] Since Krakoa had a policy of not resurrecting clones, the Lost Club assumed they had to resurrect her by their own. They were approached by Wolfsbane, who had Kinney resurrected without treachery, but was immediately accused of being linked to her murder. Moonstar and Karma worried about Wolfsbane's association with the Shadow King, leading the New Mutants to decide to confront him about Kinney's death. At the same time, Proudstar kept training younger mutants in becoming rescuers and in community service, when his group of pupils fought rogue Brood drones on the Moon.[198] The Shadow King telepathically tormented and subdued the New Mutants, arguing that he intended to strengthen Krakoans to resist human oppression. The Lost Club ended their partnership with the Shadow King and came to the New Mutants' rescue.[199] Together, the New Mutants and the Lost Club opted for helping the Shadow King, who had Wolfsbane under his control. Having exorcized the evil influence that ran him, the New Mutants put the Shadow King under rehabilitation.[200]



X-Men Blackbird, interdimensional teleportation using Magik's powers, flight using Warlock's aircraft form.

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