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Appearing in "The Cosmic Cannonball Caper"

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Synopsis for "The Cosmic Cannonball Caper"

Professor X is putting Cannonball through an intense training in the Danger Room as Psyche and Magik look on and ultimately fails when he becomes distracted by a Brood apparition created by Dani. He's frustrated and felt it to be a dirty trick but Professor X reminds him that he must embrace being a leader because of his older age.

Roberto barges in on Dani and Stevie Hunter to announce he has tickets to a concert starring Lila Cheney and all of the New Mutants go. They're given backstage access and are thrilled to see Cheney and her band practicing until trouble arises when a projection structure begins to topple and forces Sam to save Lila. Lila is grateful and shows particular appreciation towards Sam as Warlock identifies that the accident appears to have been an act of sabotage.

They soon discover the culprit is a furry green alien called Charasūlla and they fight with him. Despite their best efforts, the New Mutants struggle to overcome the alien until Lila begins playing a riff on her guitar that causes his weapons and armor to explode and renders him helpless before disappearing in a burst of light. Lila and her band begin playing their concert and energy begins to emanate from Lila eventually causing the band and Sam to disappear in a brilliant flash triggered by the creation of a stargate. The other New Mutants must deal with Warlock who was absorbed too much energy from Lila's guitar-playing and must find a way to release it and Dani encourages him to use the power to recreate the stargate to recover Sam but her estimations cause them to reappear in deep space without sufficient protection. Warlock is able to save them by rearranging his molecular structure to create a spaceship.

Meanwhile, Lila has spirited Sam Guthrie to her own personal paradise on an abandoned Dyson sphere which is covered with a massive unpopulated city. She is soon contacted by the alien Charasūlla who appears to have made a deal with her related to enslaving Earth's inhabitants. He seeks a private arrangement with her but she insists they follow the deal as prescribed but is soon betrayed by one of her band mates who lowers the defenses of their location and contacts the alien himself to greenlight an invasion of the sphere.

The invasion by Charasūlla and his fellow Vrakanín commences just as the other New Mutants arrive to the sphere. Lila, Sam, and most of the other New Mutants are captured by the invaders but are distracted when Magma bursts from the ground from a volcano of her own creation and allows the New Mutants to fight off their captors. They win the fight but quickly realize that Amara's actions have destroyed the stargate and triggered its self-destruct sequence which will ultimately result in Earth's destruction. Doug Ramsey comes to the rescue having interpreted the alien hieroglyphics and manages to cancel the sequence before it completes.

Lila transports them back to Earth, but only to her home in London. She professes her interest in Sam much to the chagrin of Roberto as the New Mutants seek to return back to New York.

Solicit Synopsis

The New Mutants meet the world's greatest rock star, Lila Cheney, who is also the world's greatest thief! And Lila plans to pull the ultimate heist — the theft of Earth! The question is not how can she do it, but how can the New Mutants stop her?


  • Palmer inked 5 pages out of 40.[1]

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