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Synopsis for "Betrayal!"

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The New Mutants are paraded through the city because Rahne has been declared a lineal descendant of Julius Caesar (because of her red hair) and the she-wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus (for somewhat more obvious reasons). Lord Gallio imagines this will give him the political capital to become emperor, since he brought the New Mutants to Nova Roma. At dinner, Lord Gallio slanders Lucius Aquilla, hoping to turn the mutants against him. The New Mutants are divided on whether to believe Amara or Lord Gallio. Sunspot thinks he sees his mother, captured, but can't get out of the palace to go to her. Psyche tries to sneak out later, but gets captured. Castro fakes an attempt on the New Mutants, so he can implicate Lucien Aquilla as his master (in reality, the set-up has been arranged by Lord Gallio). Psyche awakes to find that she's a captive of Selene, and soon to be sacrificed to extend Selene's lifespan. Elsewhere, Gallio uses Castro's false accusation to 'capture' and 'accidentally' kill Aquilla, but Sunspot and Cannonball interfere and prevent his murder. Amara and Psyche resist Selene's control enough to break free and try to fight her, but Selene knocks Amara into the volcano! This causes an earthquake in Nova Roma. Amara does not die, however, returning from the magma as a being of like substance!

Solicit Synopsis

How can the young, inexperienced New Mutants tell foul from fair when the bad guys demonstrate tenderness and concern for the young heroes? And how does Rahne react to the New Romans worshipping her as a goddess?


  • Cover art: rough sketch provided by Jones, pencils and inks by McLeod.[1]

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