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You killed her.
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It was no less than she deserved.
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Synopsis for "Magma"

Magma and Selene battle. Selene is forced to kill her priests to rejuvenate. Selene wins, and Amara is thought to have died. And Psyche is Selene's prisoner, whom Selene intends to mold in her image. In Nova Roma, Lucius has been captured by Lord Gallio. Sunspot sees his mother among the prisoners and sneaks into the prison. There he finds Castro and his mother, and Castro reveals he is in the employ of the Hellfire Club. Roberto frees his mother, and sets about releasing Gallio's prisoners. Elsewhere, Lord Gallio is attempting to poison Cannonball and Wolfsbane when Amara breaks through the floor. At that moment, Sunspot and the freed legionaries loyal to Aquilla attack. Battle is given, and Lord Gallio is slain by Lucius Aquilla. The New Mutants then go after Selene, and after a tough battle, the New Mutants defeat her and seal her inside the volcano.


  • Assistant Editor's Month - the note on the cover reads: "Warning: Surgeons Have Generally Determined That Assistant Editor's Month Is Dangerous to Your Health."

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