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White Queen
Now that I've taken a moment to regain my temper, shall I make you an offer you can't refuse?
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Only if you want a real rude suggestion about what you can do with it.
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Appearing in "Scaredy Cat"

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  • a Greyhound bus

Synopsis for "Scaredy Cat"

Illyana uses sorcery to check on Kitty's attempt to rescue Doug Ramsey from the White Queen, finds her captive, and gets her astral form blasted by the White Queen. This causes her to lose control of her spell, and some demons get loose in the mansion. The New Mutants, hearing Illyana's cry of pain, rush to her aid, and try to capture the demons. The demons finally captured, Illyana reveals herself as a sorceress to the New Mutants, and discloses that she discovered the White Queen had Kitty captive.

Ultimately they resolve to rescue her, and take a greyhound bus to get to the Massachusetts Academy. (Along the way, Rahne and Sunspot behave strangely, and we get a flashback to their encounter with Cloak and Dagger). The New Mutants break into the Massachusetts Academy to free Kitty, find only an illusion where Illyana had seen her, and then get ambushed by the White Queen!

Solicit Synopsis

Kitty Pryde is caught in the clutches of the Hellfire Club - and with the X-Men having mysteriously disappeared, only the New Mutants are around to save her! are they up to the task? "Scaredy-Cat" guest stars Cloak and Dagger.

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