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Doug Ramsey

Appearing in "Away Game!"

Featured Character(s):

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Charles Xavier (Mentioned)
  • Carmen Pryde (Mentioned)
  • Theresa Pryde (Mentioned)
  • Peter Bristow (Referenced)
  • Russo and other students of the Massachusetts Academy
  • Jerry, a security guard
  • "The Devil" & the "Knight of Swords" - Tarot's cards
  • Amara's mother (Illusion or holographic simulation)
  • Black Eagle (Mentioned) (Deceased)

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Away Game!"

The White Queen's astral projection announces to the New Mutants that they are now prisoners of the Hellfire Club! Sam has Amara blind the guards and cause a small quake which severs power lines and kills the lights, allowing the New Mutants to flee the room. The New Mutants split up - Sam and Amara go to destroy the main power generator, Illyana and Dani disguise themselves as Hellfire guards, and 'Berto and Rahne go looking for Kitty. Each of the groups gets attacked by Hellions - Thunderbird and Roulette KO 'Berto and Rahne, Illyana and Dani get jumped by Catseye and Tarot, and Cannonball and Magma trash Empath and Jetstream. Then the White Queen steps in, easily dominating Cannonball and Magma. Dani almost falls to her as well, but Illyana is untouchable by her telepathic abilities, and she grabs Dani and teleports them to Limbo.

Solicit Synopsis

While visiting Frost's school, the New Mutants find themselves facing a new super-powered team of mutants! Are they villains - or are they heroes? One thing's for certain - they're not your typical bunch of preppies!

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