Quote1.png The room's gone crazy! Hellions, New Mutants -- everyone, outside! Quote2.png
-- Thunderbird

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Synopsis for "Getaway"

Empath gets a stern talking to because of his performance last issue. Kitty Pryde and most of the New Mutants are now captives of Emma Frost. However, Psyche and Illyana escaped to Limbo, where S'ym helps them. Dani and Illyana discover Illyana's power can shift through time as well as space. Getting to the right temporal and spatial location, they start to rescue the New Mutants when the Hellions surprise them. The Hellions aren't happy with the New Mutants forced recruitment (since they all chose to be there), so they agree to a duel of champions in the Massachusetts Academy version of the Danger Room. Cannonball defeats Jetstream, but then Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw show up. Shaw totally outmatches the New Mutants, but Ariel slips away in the confusion and shorts out the room's controls, causing it to go haywire. In the confusion, Illyana teleports the New Mutants to safety.

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