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Appearing in "Death-Hunt"

Featured Character(s):

Supporting Characters:


  • Magus (First appearance)
  • Demon Bear (First full appearance), (previously a psychic illusion)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Death-Hunt"

Rachel Summers walks up to the gates of Xavier's and has a flashback to her future when the government came to capture the X-Men. Inside the New Mutants heavy hitters are working out in the danger room. Rachel rings the doorbell and Illyana answers - Professor X is not at home, and upon learning who Illyana is Rachel runs off. We have a quick interlude to introduce Warlock and Magus.

Then Dani takes a turn in the danger room against a bear. Dani reflects a bit, girds herself for battle, and then goes outside armed with a bow and summons the Demon Bear! She and the Demon Bear fight, and she thinks she's won, but it was playing possum and swipes her good. She screams and the New Mutants run out to find her bleeding in the snow.

Solicit Synopsis

Introducing a mysterious new mutant who will shock and astound you! But then... Danielle Moonstar has to confront her greatest fear - when the demon that slew her parents now comes after her!

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