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Quote1.png Tha' stench -- I smelt it when we found Dani -- Her bear's inside the hospital. He's here! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Siege"

Dani gets taken to Mid-County Medical Center. The New Mutants go with her, and figure the bear will go after Dani, so prepare to defend her. In space, the Starjammers detect Warlock and Magus approaching Earth. Back in the hospital, Tom and Sharon get nabbed by the Demon Bear. Illyana puts a magic ward around the operating room Dani's in. Bobby and Illyana tangle with the bear and Illyana scares it off with her soul sword. The bear knocks out the power - generators turn on - and then attacks Illyana's ward. The New Mutants tangle with it, and the bear teleports itself, all the New Mutants, and the operating room (still protected by Illyana's ward) to an other-dimensional place known as the Badlands.

Solicit Synopsis

How do you kill a creature that cannot possibly be killed? The New Mutants better figure out a way! Because if even their combined powers aren't enough - the mystic bear that attacked Danielle Moonstar will cause untold tragedy!


  • Illyana's mystic armor first appears in this issue.
  • One of the doctors in this issue closely resembles the character of Dr. Ben Casey (as portrayed by actor Vince Edwards on the TV show Ben Casey). Whether this is supposed to be the Earth-616 version of Ben Casey, or just a coincidence, is unclear.
  • Another medical professional resembles film director Alfred Hitchcock.

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