Quote1.png This is impossible! This can't be happening to me! Quote2.png
-- Psyche

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Synopsis for "Sentinels"

In the mansion, Psyche gets the Danger Room turned against her, and just before she's about to get out, she gets scared off a ledge by Professor X as a brood! The rest of the New Mutants are at that moment in a nearby mall with Stevie Hunter. Unbeknownst to them, Henry Gyrich is watching them - and orders a team of agents to capture them. Michael Rossi shows up to foil them, and the agents are thwarted after a short fight. So Gyrich orders out the Sentinels! Cannonball and Sunspot trash the three Sentinels, and a considerable portion of the mall. The agents get arrested, and the New Mutants return home to discover Dani unconscious in the Danger Room.

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