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Appearing in "Slumber Party!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Magus (Main story and flashback) (Illusion or holographic simulation)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Slumber Party!"

The local school girls get invited over for a slumber party at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters with the female New Mutants. In orbit, Asteroid M gets trashed by Warlock, headed for earth. Rahne socks Sam for not recognizing her when he and Sunspot knock to see if they can join. (Who would recognize her after a gaggle of teenage girls got done dressing her up?) Warlock crash lands in the swimming pond at the Xavier Institute and is carried into the lab and left for Professor X. Warlock comes to consciousness, drains some power from the wall socket, and goes looking for more palatable energy sources. Illyana and Lockheed fight it briefly, and retreat to Limbo. The other New Mutants (excluding Dani who is still recovering from injuries) go to deal with it before their guests realize something is going on. Warlock flees to the danger room and realizing that the intruder is probably scared and unfamiliar with earth; the New Mutants go and get Doug Ramsey to talk to him. Warlock's origin is revealed and he joins the school.

Solicit Synopsis

Double-sized issue! The girls invite their friends from Salem Center to Professor X's mansion for an all-night slumber party! Sounds like fun and games, right? Not when the new Warlock turns up as a gate-crasher! And he's not visiting for a pillow fight, either!


  • This issue is a "double-size" issue.
  • Doug Ramsey gets told he is a mutant for the first time.
  • Asteroid M is destroyed, but some chunks do not fall to Earth until X-Men vs Avengers #1.
  • Professor X acknowledges his lack of knowledge about magic as a limitation on his training the teenage Magik. As an adult she regrets never receiving formal sorcerous education when younger,[1] only having begun training with Stephen Strange as an adult after her ignorance almost kills the X-Men.[2].
  • At the end of the issue there are 3 pinups that consist of Xavier's "private journal" notes::

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