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Quote1.png By the sacred fire -- Selene!! Quote2.png
Friedrich von Roehm, upon realizing his goddess has returned.

Appearing in "The Shadow Within"

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Synopsis for "The Shadow Within"

The New Mutants are training. Cannonball is getting instruction from Nightcrawler on acrobatics. Rahne is still scared of him. Colossus and Sunspot are sparring when Sunspot somehow injures Colossus. Professor X and Moira are examining Warlock. Elsewhere in New York, Selene appears and gets directed towards the Hellfire Club, and Emmanuel Da Costa gets initiated into said club. Rahne writes a fairy tale, and she shows signs of possessing Dagger's powers by the end.


  • Sunspot's attitude and odd appearance, as well as Rahne's dream, are explained in New Mutants #23.
  • At the end of the issue are Xavier's "private journal" notes, featuring (click on image for full image):

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