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Quote1 Run! Get out of here, sound the alarm! Quote2
Professor X

Appearing in "Shadowman"

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Synopsis for "Shadowman"

Selene and Emmanuel Da Costa are added to the Hellfire Club's inner circle. Near the X-mansion, Peter Rasputin is playing chess against Harry's Hideaway's owner when Molly the waitress asks him to go into the bar to talk to Bobby, who apparently wandered in a few hours ago and just sits there. Colossus tries to talk to him and Bobby attacks him. Bobby fights like Cloak, and eventually, Colossus is forced to knock him out. In the Bermuda Triangle, Lee Forrester sails Magneto back to his island. Back in the X-mansion, Professor X is examining Sunspot. Sam and Dani discover Rahne is missing, and go looking for her - flying into New York City following Dani's psychic connection with her and find her downtown in a posh hotel. The newspaper the next morning fills in the final clue - Rahne's fairy tale apparently actually happened, as Cloak and Dagger are in the hospital, and without powers! Before they can inform the others, Sunspot wakes up and attacks Professor X.


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