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Quote1.png I know you won't believe me, Rahne. But this is for your own good. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "The Hollow Heart"

As the monstrous form of Sunspot attacks Xavier and Moira, Rahne arrives and transforms into a taller, long-haired, radiant version of herself and exhibits the power to calm Bobby. When Sam and Dani arrive, Bobby and Rahne disappear with Cloak's teleportation power. Professor X learns from the other kids Cloak and Dagger's condition and it becomes clear that the drugs Bobby and Rahne were given in Marvel Team-Up Annual #6 had a slow-acting effect on their genetics, compelling them only now to steal Cloak and Dagger's powers.

Bobby and Rahne teleport to Father Bowen's church. Bobby is mortified that he devoured Colossus, but Rahne senses that Peter still lives and is able to assume a silvery wolf form to dive into Bobby's darkforce and rescue him. By then, Professor X has caught up with them along with Sam, Dani, Illyana, and Rogue. In attempt to solve the problem, they first try Dani's psi-talent, but it backfires and nearly drives Bobby's powers out of control until Illyana's Soul Sword breaks the link. Then realizing that a sorcerous approach is called for, Illyana takes Bobby and Rahne to Limbo, despite Xavier's protests, and performs an exorcism that temporarily draws out the extra powers. The powers then start to possess Illyana, and she drives them out at the cost of more growth of her Soul Armor. They return to the church and it seems they're back where they started when Tandy and Ty, escaped from the hospital and come to terms with their lot in life, arrive and offer to give themselves up to return their powers back to where they belong.

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