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Appearing in "Meanwhile, Back at the Mansion..."

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Synopsis for "Meanwhile, Back at the Mansion..."

New Mutants Vol 1 29 001.jpg

Cannonball and Magik are chasing people who kidnapped Magma and Sunspot. The kidnappers get away with the unfortunate mutants, but Cannonball and Magik get a prisoner. Illyana tries to teleport them to the location of their friends based on their prisoner's information but misses by a week. So Sam takes them to see Lila Cheney to get some help. In the Bermuda Triangle, Lee Forrester and Magneto makeup, and get a warning from Professor X about the Beyonder. Illyana, Sam, Lila, and Allison go to a Gladiator bout and interfere. Everything seems to be going according to plan when Magneto arrives suddenly and asks everyone who would come with him.



  • This issue is the first appearance of Guido who will later be known as Strong Guy in the X-Factor series, of which Wolfsbane is also a member of.

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