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-- Cannonball, as he knocks out Psyche

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Synopsis for "Nightmare"

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Dani sees Professor X as a brood again, goes back to bed, and then gets attacked by the Spirit Bear. She stabs it with her knife, and it goes away. Everyone comes to her screams, and she fears she's going crazy, but then discovers there's blood on her knife. Going back to show it to the Professor, she overhears him on the phone with Moira saying that she is likely paranoid and schizophrenic. The next day, Cannonball is having trouble maneuvering while blasting. Afterward, the New Mutants have a clandestine meeting in the boathouse. Cannonball doesn't think the Professor is out to get Dani, but when he tries to leave the boathouse there's a fantastic illusion. They go down into the service tunnels and run into a Brood!

The battle is joined, and the New Mutants seem hopelessly outnumbered when reinforcements arrive... and then Dani comes to her senses. Standing over her is a brood, and reveals he's been making her use her ability. The rest of the New Mutants break in to fight it, but it seems horribly elusive. Finally, Mirage has Cannonball knock her out - and the brood disappears...


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