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Quote1.png Why, you all look so shocked -- tell me, dear friends, have you so soon forgotten -- Karma?! Quote2.png

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  • Skycraft

Synopsis for "Saturday Night Fight"

The New Mutants Sunspot and Magma are trapped in deadly combat in the Gladiator's arena against a mammoth robot, and a mysterious overweight figure in the shadows gloats that they fight against Kitty Pryde, trapped inside the robot. Kitty beats the mind control of our mysterious villain, and the fight ends, except a mind-controlled Dazzler wants a fight! The other New Mutants (+Rachel Summers) arrive, and Illyana sends Dazzler to Limbo. The villain escapes, and the New Mutants go in pursuit. After a brief battle, the villain is revealed as Karma, and she puts the New Mutants in a stalemate position that forces them to let her flee. New Mutants get everyone together (including the four who were on Muir Island), and go in pursuit of Karma.


  • At the end of the issue are Charles Xavier's "private notes" and the Massachusetts Academy's files, featuring (click on image for full image):

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