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Quote1.png Traitor! You lied to self! You are as evil as Karma -- and you shall share her fate!! Quote2.png
Warlock, to Illyana.

Appearing in "With a Little Bit of Luck!"

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Synopsis for "With a Little Bit of Luck!"

In Limbo, Warlock attacks Magik, believing her to be a traitor. She has a hard time convincing him otherwise but finally manages it, telling him she has a plan to save the others. Via a scrying pool, they observe the ongoings in Karma’s nightclub and hear Karma make some strange comments about her past and her relationship with Xavier. Illyana teleports herself and Warlock twenty years into the past, where they witness a psychic battle between Charles Xavier and an evil telepath named Amahl Farouk, who seemingly perishes in their battle. Illyana realizes that Farouk's astral form has survived and taken over Karma. They hatch a plan where Warlock, taking Illyana’s shape, diverts Farouk/Karma, while the real Magik teleports the others to Limbo – thus freeing them of Karma’s influence – before returning them. United, the mutants attack Karma, but soon it becomes clear that Farouk has left Karma and is lurking in one of them. With a trick, they find out he resides in Cypher’s body and Karma challenges him to a psychic duel. After she overcomes her doubts, she wins and Farouk flees to the astral plane leaving the mutants victorious and Storm offers them to take them on a vacation.


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