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Quote1 As from this moment, the New Mutants are disbanded... and Xavier's school closed. Quote2

Appearing in "Aftermath!"

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Synopsis for "Aftermath!"

The New Mutants battle first Sentinels then the White Queen and the Hellions, but suddenly the fight is over, Magneto has called it to an end, and the New Mutants go to sleep - in their graves! Really its nothing but a dream, a dream all the New Mutants seem to be sharing, and Magneto receiving. In the day, the New Mutants are all flat and emotionless, in the aftermath of their encounter with the Beyonder. Emma Frost comes to the mansion to offer Magneto a choice - she thinks she can help the New Mutants if Magneto lets them enroll in her school. In the stables, Thor visits Danielle Moonstar as a frog and snaps her out of her funk. Some time passes, but Magneto has no answers. Danielle leaves to visit her parents. Tom and Sharon discover Empath spying on Magneto, and he makes them fall violently in love with each other. Empath causes Magneto to decide to enroll his students at the Massachusetts Academy without Magneto realizing Empath is responsible.


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