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Quote1.png You quit -- when the New Mutants needed you most. Quote2.png
--Mirage, while talking to Magneto

Appearing in "Pawns of the White Queen"

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Synopsis for "Pawns of the White Queen"

The New Mutants are welcomed to the Massachusetts Academy by Emma Frost and run into the Hellions in the locker room. Empath tries to manipulate the female New Mutants... and fails! They are all totally emotionless due to their encounter with the Beyonder. The White Queen manages to fix the psychic damage. Danielle Moonstar, at last, takes off to visit her parents.

Back at the Massachusetts Academy nestled deep in the Berkshire Mountains, the New Mutants continue to have bad dreams.

Returning to the mansion, Tom Corsi and Sharon Friedlander make a spectacle in their return, and Magneto becomes aware that his emotions and his decision had outside influences. Magneto decides to go after him and the White Queen, and get his students back. The White Queen knows, and she calls the Avengers on him.

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