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Appearing in "Who's Scaring Stevie?"

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Synopsis for "Who's Scaring Stevie?"

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Xi'an Coy Manh is visiting Stevie Hunter and discovers that someone has been harassing Hunter over the phone, but Stevie doesn't think it's serious enough to notify the police. Manh suggests that the New Mutants could help but Hunter balks at the idea. As they enter the dance studio, they are surprised to find that another student, Peter Bristow, is already inside claiming that the door was unlocked. He wants to help tidy up the studio prior to class. At this point, Manh heads back to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters since Xavier is expecting her.

At the school, Danielle Moonstar, Rahne Sinclair, Roberto Da Costa, Samuel Guthrie are enjoying playing outside in the snow. Professor Xavier calls the students into his study, and once Manh arrives, he explains that while the idea to reopen the school was initiated when he was under the influence of the Brood for the purpose of providing powerful hosts for Brood embryos,[2] he still believes that the school is important for the future of young mutants and society at large. However, since he did attack members of the New Mutants during that time,[3] he would understand if they do not want to remain at the school. Moonstar, speaking for the group, answers that they all intend to stay with Xavier. Then, Manh raises the topic of the harassing phone calls Hunter is receiving, she suggests that the team assist Hunter even though she initially refused help. Xavier agrees, and directs the students to create a plan for him to evaluate before they take any action.

The team arrives at Hunter's apartment, and Da Costa installs a trace device on Stevie's phone which will provide the number and location of any incoming caller. They wait for the next call from the harasser and track his location, but once they arrive there they find that it is a public phone booth and the suspect has already left the area. However, Sinclair in her wolf form can track the scent of the last person who used the public phone and she tracks him to the Salem Center High School, where a school dance is taking place. Manh, Moonstar, Da Costa, and Hunter attend the dance to see if they can flush out the perpetrator while Sinclair and Guthrie observe the dance from outside. At the dance, Manh recognizes Diana, the student who invited them to the dance some days ago.[4] and is asked to dance by another student, Tim. Soon, Sinclair detects that one student is suddenly afraid and Moonstar recognizes that it is Bristow. Shocked at being identified, Peter flees from the school, pursued by the entire team, gets into a car and drives away. After crashing into a demolition area, he leaves the car and runs into a building just as it catches fire from the crash. The team follows him into the building when Da Costa realizes that there are explosives inside, and asks Xavier to telepathically warn the team of the danger. The explosives detonate and the building begins to crumble; in order to quickly evacuate the building, Manh takes control of Bristow's mind and they all run for the exit while Da Costa braces the collapsing building.

Back at Stevie's apartment, the team confronts Peter about the harassing calls. Moonstar uses her powers to pull visions of his greatest desire, which is to be with Stevie romantically. Stevie wonders why he has been harassing her if he is secretly in love with her, but then Moonstar pulls another vision from his mind, where his father is beating him with a belt. Peter is furious at having his secrets exposed and lunges at Moonstar; Guthrie tries to restrain him and in the scuffle Bristow's shirt is torn, revealing several scars on his back from previous beatings. Peter thought that punishment was an expression of love, so when Stevie wouldn't punish him, he took revenge by harassing her. Bristow was eventually taken away in an ambulance and put in the care of the child welfare bureau.


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