Quote1 Stuff it, Shan. We go together, or not at all! Quote2
-- Psyche, as they escape a burning building

Appearing in "Who's Scaring Stevie?"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Tim, Diana and unnamed Salem Center High School students
  • Peter Bristow's parents
  • Unnamed policemen


Synopsis for "Who's Scaring Stevie?"

New Mutants Vol 1 4 001

Stevie is receiving threatening phone calls. At the X-mansion, Professor X reveals that his motives for re-opening the school were tainted by the brood queen growing inside him, but he wishes it to remain open. The students choose to stay, and make him aware of the threats on Stevie's life - threats they intend to do something about. They trace a call to a phone booth, and Wolfsbane tracks the scent back to the local high school. There's a school dance there, and by baiting Peter Bristow with Stevie's appearance, Rahne pegs him. He runs, and the New Mutants give chase, and end up rescuing him. They go back to Stevie's apartment, where Psyche pulls out Peter Bristow's greatest desire (Stevie Hunter!) and the fact that his ideas about love are confused because his father beats him. They call child welfare, and its a job well done for the New Mutants.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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