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Quote1.png Stay back! You won't get past me without a fight. I mean it! Quote2.png
Mirage, while confronting death

Appearing in "Way of the Warrior"

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Synopsis for "Way of the Warrior"

Dani travels home, reminiscing. Soon after, her parents have to run to deal with the ranch and send her into town to do some shopping. There she runs into Pat Roberts - an old friend who hated her after her mutant power manifested. She runs off. He leaves angry and drinking and driving, and his insulin spills out of its broken container when some beer cans collide with it as he's driving. He has a car crash in the middle of a blizzard, and Dani hears his SOS on the radio and goes to his aid. They hole up in a cave, and she fights off death when it comes to claim him. Later, he's rushed to the hospital, and death comes again, but this time talks to her, and she lets death have him.

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